How to Change Your Career from Graphic Design to UX

Do you want to make more money? Do you want a positive work change? A lot of graphic designers decided to change their careers to UX. In this article, you’ll know the best way how to do it. Let’s start!

Beauty or usability?

Modern companies don’t really want to choose between these two options. They don’t like to do it because they want both options at once. Nowadays this approach is pretty normal.

A great designer should be able to create not only an amazing design but also a user-friendly one. If you want to be a good-paid UX designer you should understand all your future clients will demand from you thoughtful design, created with user care in mind. That’s why you shouldn’t choose between beauty and usability.

Can’t combine it? If it’s so then the first step for you is to learn how to do it.

The big gap between graphic and UX design

What is a UX design website?

UX design is human-centered design. Trying to define the difference between graphic and UX designer, you’ll see the big gap. All points that you’ll use to describe this gap is your steps and guidelines to get your career transition.

For instance, the best graphic design is always something beautiful. But the best UX design consists of 3 points:

· Look;

· Feel;

· Usability.

That’s why you need to know some basic programming knowledge to become a UX designer.  

Programming and UX design

Of course, it’d be great if you attempt a basic programming course but it’s not so necessary. You don’t need to be able to create that endless code to become a UX designer. All you need is to get an understanding of some basic steps of the developing process.  

Why should you know that? Because it’ll help you to create a better design. Remember, user-friendly is key for this profession.

What do graphic and UX designers have in common?

Any doubts, a graphic designer can become a UX designer easier than a person from a completely different field of activity. Let’s see what do they have in common!

· Creativity thinking;

· Emotional design;


But what are the differences?

Graphic designers are more pixel-focused. At the same time UX designers more focused on users and what is good for them.

That’s why UX designers are usually multidisciplinary.

Reading articles about UX design will gift you a lot of useful and valuable knowledge. It’ll help you to fulfill this gap.

One big stepf

As you already know you don’t necessarily need to attempt programming courses to become a UX designer. But it’d be a good idea to find a course of UX design.

There are a lot of online courses on the Internet. Choose one that fits you more than others. It’ll definitely help you on your way.

What about the portfolio?

So, you decided to become a UX designer. Then you should change your portfolio and CV.

Don’t put there anything you don’t want to do in the near future. You aren’t a graphic designer anymore. You are a UX designer! Don’t be too shy. Just write it down on your CV.

Describe your design skills. All in all, these two professions are pretty close. At least graphic designers and UX designers use the same terms in their speeches.  

Do you still have some doubts?

This transition from graphic to UX designer isn’t so difficult as you might think at the beginning of this article. Time and perseverance – that’s all you need to achieve this goal.

Use online courses. Read UX design articles. Adopt the experience of those who are more successful than you are. You should want to get this change. You should dream about it.

By the way, any dream isn’t impossible till you keep dreaming.