Hottest Design Trends of 2019

Design helps us understand the world a little better, and trends place these designs in time. The year of 2019 is a year of contradictions or put opposites. This is also the trend that can be seen in designs. Every year the trends take various turns depicting the latest ones for that year.

In the year 2019, design trends come from varying eras and paradoxical ends of the visual spectrum, so you need to stay on top of this to ace your game. As a designer, you must do so since understanding these trends can help you get a fresh and innovative perspective to your job. We bring you the trends for the year 2019, and you could come up with ways to implement them in your work in your unique style.

1.     Asymmetrical Layouts

The past few years have seen a change in the trend where designers are opting to stray from the standards patterns losing their rigidity and trying on more designs that are free-flowing or asymmetrical. Standard templates like Canva and Squarespace had helped designers understand and begin creating beautiful websites and graphic products when they had no idea what a grid was. The designers of today want to create products that are more alive.

This was how the asymmetrical trend was born. This trend has given designers the freedom to create movement and designs that are free of rigidity and had recently turned entirely predictable in their way. This layout, however, requires attention from its makers since it takes a path of its own, making its makers and users curious as to what this design would lead to making it unpredictable.

2.     Art Deco

The tag of ‘modern’ was put alongside designs since the artistic movement began to post the first World War. The two great styles from this era that are undergoing a renaissance are the highly ornamental and glamorous Art Deco designs of the 1920s and those of the organic forms of the Mid-Century period of the 1950s and the ’60s.

This trend can be highly seen in the logo work used by the designers and will be prominent in the year 2019. Designers are embracing and incorporating these into their designs that bring out the best of that era. This influence can be seen in the topography as well since sans-serifs has gotten narrower and leggier like they were pulled from a classic A.M. Cassandre poster design.

3.     Metallics all the way!

Metals in all forms have always been used in designs to bring in the shine, and bling and gold is a metal that never goes out of style. 2019 is the year of more bling than ever being incorporated into designs. If you talk about 3D designs than bling takes the whole art to a whole other level making it look sophisticated and expensive as ever. It has been the trend to show metals with a colour effect. These designs look mesmerizing and look all the more beautiful when light hits the surface of these designs. Gold is the way to go when it comes to metallics, and we will see a lot more of it on packages and other places as well.

4.     Mid-Century Modern

In response to the Art Deco period, designers discarded the flashy and flaunty pieces of designs and embraced the stripped-down and organic, clean parts. The mid-century era has had an influence over areas like interior designs and fashion for the past few years; it has been slowly making its way even in the graphic part of the plan as well.

It can be seen in a big way in the designs of the post-war era. It thus became custom for companies beginning their business than to incorporate such illustrations within their work. A wide range of companies now are launching beautiful websites that are bursting with designs from this era but with a twist of today’s modern period. We can see it in this year’s models, and 2019 is thus the year of such dream vintage colour palettes.

5.     The Fluid Effect

 The fluid effect transforms water into graphically based designs that are a visual treat as also the trend of 2019. These trend expanses into various liquids like water, oil or any other liquid-based substance. It’s contemporary, and we hope it stays the same in the months to come. It is great freedom to designers who work a lot with typography. Since liquids have a varied thickness and different states of being in the liquid form, it becomes easy to work with as well as improvise with the various liquid effects.

The liquid effects and feel will be present in web designs in combination with the full-width open compositions and liquid-y textures. When it comes to liquids patterns draw their path and create unique patterns and shapes, which makes things easy for graphic designers. When this is combined with floating elements and futuristic colours, the entire piece seems surreal and dreamy.

6.     Isometric Patterns

Open compositions, generally, leave some things out and isometric designs create whole universes in these gaps left behind. Although isometric designs sound technical and complicated, it is but a method of drawing a 3D project in two dimensions or 2D. The pattern created is clean and straightforward; it has a depth to it that flat designs cannot bring out. This is widely being used in the creation of icons since the ones created with the help of isometric patterns are more tactile and warmer than plain flat designs. Also, these use much less space than 3D models, so it is like hitting two birds with one stone!

7.     Buxom Serifs

2019 is to be the year of the serifs with the serifs getting beefier year on year and illustrations getting slimmer every year. Last year gave us some fantastic plump serifs that seemed to come from the days of cast-metal type. While sans-serifs and hand-drawn fonts will continue to be highly visible, 2019 is the year where the range and diversity of serif fonts will explode.

Customization is what brands opt for to flaunt their signature style and pattern to the world, and this is also what designers turn towards. Serifs being used widely and regularly have turned them to be too predictable and boring, and hence, designers are opting for newer styles than the clean sans serif.

8.     3D- The Language of the New Generation

3D has proved itself time and again and is perhaps one of the few trends that have stuck up in the past few years. It has also established itself to be stable and will be one of the trends that have worked this year as well. 3D has evolved itself with time, and now there are varieties which can help create masterpieces with immense depth in them.          

9.     Maxi Typography      

Typography has always been a part of designing for as long as anyone can remember. But every year the trend for typography keeps changing. While some last for decades others, wither away with the onset of the new trends. Typography too can take different shapes and forms. It could be flat or in 3D shapes as per the desire of the designer. It could be mixed with effects like metallic and fluidity and given different forms and looks.

Typography for the year 2019 has been maxi, and that is the trend for this year. Since typography is widely and actively used in the designing process, it will be surprising to see how designers make the best use of these and bring out creative pieces interacting with life and people. A combination of different scripts along with designs is what has been the trend for the year 2019.

10. Opened-Up Compositions

There was a time when designing was strict and had to be followed as per the rules and norms set up by the predecessors of the field. However, with time, the field has evolved and become more independent, and the designers have become more embracing of the freedom they have received by not sticking to the rules leading to artistic pieces.

Open-Up compositions are open-ended and can float away freely, and these design compositions take a firm design hand since the placement of these elements is anything but random.

The Moral Being:

There is an invisible form of competition happening between the traditionalists, i.e. the ones who still put pen to paper to create their designs and the Modernists who are trying to learn an ace the 3D and AR forms of graphics. Designers are also finding a balance between the vibrant colours and subtle tones as well as illustrations and mid-century designs. 2019 has been an excellent year for all forms of design but graphics in particular. So let your creative horses out and bring out your best work!