Hostgator India Review – How to Install WordPress on Hostgator.in?

WordPress Hosting

It is a new addition to the Web Hosting product portfolio. This hosting service is optimized for websites powered by WordPress. The databases, as well as server architecture, are optimized to make sure that your website gets the best performance. 

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Review with HostGator India

Now, let’s go through the newly launched WordPress hosting service provided by HostGator India. We were quite pleased with its databases and server architecture due to its inherent optimization. We found that WordPress Management Tool simplified our working while saving lot of time and effort.

Automatic Core Upgrade

We liked the Automatic Core Upgrade which enabled us to protect our site at all time. It saved a lot of time in advanced configuration which we deeply appreciate.

Handling of Traffic Spikes

We found that whenever our website received traffic spikes, the resources were increased without any downtime which enabled our users a better user experience.

WordPress Management Panel

It has an easy- to -use and intuitive WordPress Management Panel along with installation flow which helps in reducing both effort and time to set up your website. It also has automatic core upgrade which makes it easy to WordPress code upgrades easy since it is done automatically and it ensures that your website remains protected at all time.

Click on install site and fill in your domain name and other details as asked


We liked its automatic failover which essentially means that it keeps 3 copies of your website content in order to recover your websites latest version and offers serving it from an entirely new server. All of this is done in seamless fashion and almost instantaneously. WordPress Hosting with HostGator India offers premium quality service at affordable price. With 50% discount on all its plans, it offers single or multiple WordPress Installation along with good RAM support as per different plans which were quite up to our expectation. The CPU Core is of high performance and it provides ample storage space which is a valuable addition to its services.

To improve your website speed, HostGator India has integrated an advanced Nginx/Varnish  caching. It doesn’t require spending any time on making advanced configuration. All you have to do is toggle performance on and off in order to get caching for your website. In case your website receives traffic spikes, you can easily increase resources without dealing with any downtime. This allows your website to be able to server more traffic and avoid migration or any downtime.

Your blog is getting ready to use


It offers three packages mentioned below.

  1. Starter – It starts at Rs. 229 per month (initial price – Rs. 459 per month with 50% off). It provides 1 WordPress Installation with 2 GB RAM. It has Dual Core CPU Core. It provides 5 GB storage.
  2. Performance – It starts at Rs. 299 per month (initial price – Rs. 559 per month with 50% off). It provides 2 WordPress Installation with 4 GB RAM. It has Quad Core CPU Core. It provides 20 GB storage.
  3. Business – It starts at Rs. 399 per month (initial price – Rs. 799 per month with 50% off). It provides 3 WordPress Installation with 6 GB RAM. It has Hexa Core CPU Core. It provides 40 GB storage.
control your WordPress installation by clicking on the Admin link.


Hostgator India Guarantee

  1. 24×7 Customer Support

It provides round the clock, 24×7 customer service to Indian bloggers and website owners since it has localized support team and provides all the solution in case they face any problem or have any query.

  1. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Due to its localized servers, HostGator India offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. It prevents blog or website to be down which may often lead to loss of visitors.

  1. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other service providers, HostGator India offers 45 days money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with its services then you can get your money back in case you ask for it within 45 days. This guarantee builds trust of the customers.

  1. Localized India Hosting

HostGator India has partnered with GPX, the only Certified tier 4 Datacenter present in India. It ensures that the servers are closer to website visitors and with partnering up with premium data centre providers, HostGator India offers the best hosting product and services.

Host-In-India Promise

  1. Local Language Support

Another key feature of support offered by HostGator India is that it provides support in local languages as well as available 24×7.

  1. Local Storefront

HostGator India has a storefront to provide convenience to its customers to get hosting services without any delay.

  1. Local Currency Transactions and Local Payment Methods

HostGator India, allows purchasing in the local currency (INR) which is not impacted with the foreign exchange rate. It also offers local payment gateways too.


For Indian bloggers and website owners, getting good hosting service has been quite a difficult task. HostGator India provides the best solution for their requirement. With its impressive range of features like Shared, WordPress, Reseller, Cloud, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers, to name a few, it provides great options to Indians. It also offers great customer support service in local language and time zones and local storefronts. It offers a 45-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with its service.

HostGator India is the perfect solution for Indian bloggers and website owners looking for premium hosting service. With this, we wrap up our review. Let us know your experience with HostGator India in the comment section below.