Hostgator India Review – How to Install WordPress on Hostgator.in?

When it comes to the success of a blog or a website, content, web design, etc. are not the only important things. Website hosting also plays a crucial role. Selecting a good website hosting service goes a long way in the growth of the website or a blog. Especially for Indian bloggers and website owners, choices are quite limited since most of the services are US based which don’t offer required speed, reliability, and support in the local context which can be quite stressful.

There are hosting providers that offer hosting services, but most of them are either new in the market or lack necessary expertise. This leaves few choices for Indian bloggers and website owners. To mitigate this problem, HostGator India offers a plethora of features and additional benefits which can do wonders for these websites and blogs in achieving success.

In this review, we present a deep analysis of HostGator India’s offerings, features, support and additional benefits that are available for Indian bloggers and website owners.

Its products/services include-

Shared Hosting – allows multiple websites on a single server at an economical price.

Cloud Hosting– provides increased cloud resources with better website performance.

Reseller Plans– allows anyone to start his own hosting service with various plans.

VPS– provides full customization as per individual need according to website growth.

Dedicated Server- flexible customization, configuration and installation.

WordPress Hosting– provides numerous WordPress hosting services at a great price.

Intro and Web Hosting Services Offered By Hostgator

Shared Hosting

HostGator India provides premium web hosting service which allows many websites to reside on a single web server duly connected to the internet. It is one of the most economical hosting option available in the market since it reduces the overall cost related to server maintenance as the cost is distributed over many customers. This is quite beneficial for small businesses which have to save cost at every aspect of their business.

Its shared hosting service provides unlimited disk space as well as bandwidth. It offers a flexible and easy to use control panel. The customers are offered with unlimited subdomains along with FTP accounts as well as email accounts.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the newest offering of HostGator India which offers 2 times faster load times as it has low-density servers along with premium hardware as well as multiple caching layers. It allows you to manage the website content more efficiently which allows processing of dynamic content requests at great speed. As your online presence increases, you can increase your cloud resources. It doesn’t require any data migrations, reboots or downtime as it takes a simple click to ramp up your cloud resources. It has improved server allocation as well as management in the cloud. It also allows you to respond effectively to any large traffic spikes without dealing with any service interruption.

Reseller Hosting

Using Hostgator Reseller plan, you can create your own website hosting company and earn money. You can get your own hosting clients, and in case you are a website designer then you can easily use its reseller plan provide value to existing as well as prospective customers.

Its Reseller plan provides everything that is required to start your own hosting company. WHM also provides you with the ability to create cPanels for your different clients and choosing WHMCS also facilitates in the billing aspect.  It is quite easy to upgrade, and in case your company outgrows the reseller plan you can easily transfer to a dedicated server. Its reseller plans include WHM to billing software and all other necessary requirements. It provides you the ability to control the entire resource allocation to best fit the requirements of your clients. It is free as well as easy to upgrade with the growth of your hosting business

VPS Hosting

HostGator VPS Hosting is a perfect intermediary of shared hosting and dedicated servers. The VPS plans can easily be customized completely according to your specific hosting needs an can be upgraded anytime with the growth of your website. It is suitable for small businesses, and as they grow, it allows them to scale up easily. It offers full root access which allows you to install advanced software as well as completely customize anything virtually as if the VPS is a dedicated server without any inherent cost. It also offers cPanel to facilitate easy administration.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a perfect solution especially for large business and websites which deal with high-traffic. It allows maximum customization along with configuration, installation as well as offering overall flexibility. It is all offered with unparalleled support provided by HostGator India. It has great provisioning system which allows you to deploy your dedicated servers in lesser time than other services, without the CPanel, it takes littles less than an hour  while in case of , with CPanel it takes couple of hours. It comes with pre-configured hardware specs as well as Images stored in OpenStack. It also offers pre-loaded servers on ready to go mode.