50+ GIMP Brushes Sets for adding Graphics in your Design Project

GIMP as we have discussed earlier this week, is one of the best alternative to Photoshop. One of the primary reason of Photoshop being so much popular is its premium features and resources by a number of people in design community.

Every week you see hundreds of resources made free for Photoshop alone, this has made Photoshop the number one choice by designers. However GIMP is free and with fairly good resources available online, it has gained popularity in recent times.

Today, we have collected 50 Excellent GIMP brushes that can be used for adding better graphics in your project, the whole point of giving resources like this is to help designers spend less time finding these resources and applying. We will try to continue our quest for finding fresh resources and freebies for the beautiful design community. Enjoy

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1. GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

2. Hearts GIMP Brushes by Hawksmont

Hearts GIMP Brushes by Hawksmont

3. GIMP Flower Brushes

GIMP Flower Brushes

4. GIMP Scratchies

GIMP Scratchies

5. More Heart Brushes from Dreamy Graphics

More Heart Brushes from Dreamy Graphics

6. GIMP Floral Set 1

GIMP Floral Set 1

7. Grunge brush set 3

Grunge brush set 3

8. Hearts Brushes by Obsidian – Part 1

Hearts Brushes by Obsidian – Part 1

9. Daisy Brushes

Daisy Brushes

10. More grunge brushes

More grunge brushes

11. Hearts Brushes by Obsidian – Part 2

Hearts Brushes by Obsidian – Part 2

12. GIMP Floral Set 2

GIMP Floral Set 2

13. Floral I

Floral I

14. Flower Brushes by Dreamy Graphics

Flower Brushes by Dreamy Graphics

15. GIMP Bed of Roses

GIMP Bed of Roses

16. Floral Part 2

Floral Part 2

17. Flower Brushes by BlendFu

Flower Brushes by BlendFu

18. Floral Brushes

Floral Brushes

19. Pine – MEGA PACK


20. Floral Brushes from Hawksmont

Floral Brushes from Hawksmont

21. GIMP Floral Set 3

GIMP Floral Set 3

22. Vector Foliage-Plants

Vector Foliage-Plants

23. More Floral Brushes from Hawksmont

More Floral Brushes from Hawksmont

24. GIMP Floral Set 4

GIMP Floral Set 4

25. Cloudy Brushes

Cloudy Brushes

26. Clouds and Mist Brushes by Project-GimpBC

Clouds and Mist Brushes by Project-GimpBC

27. Flower brushes

Flower brushes

28. GIMP Brushes: Moon

GIMP Brushes: Moon

29. High Resolution Clouds Brushes by Obsidian

High Resolution Clouds Brushes by Obsidian

30. GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

31. Lightning Brushes

Lightning Brushes

32. Star Brushes by Dreamy Graphics

Star Brushes by Dreamy Graphics

33. Bamboo


34. GIMP Glitter Brushes

GIMP Glitter Brushes

35. Night Brushes by MyLastBlkRose

Night Brushes by MyLastBlkRose

36. GIMP: Stars

GIMP: Stars

37. Splatter Brushes

Splatter Brushes

38. Lightning Brushes by Project-GimpBC

Lightning Brushes by Project-GimpBC

39. Snowflakes


40. GIMP Water Brushes

GIMP Water Brushes

41. Bubble Brushes by Hawksmont

Bubble Brushes by Hawksmont

42. GIMP Stars of Heaven

GIMP Stars of Heaven

43. Mask Brushes

Mask Brushes

44. Light Beam Brushes by Booklover323

Light Beam Brushes by Booklover323

45. GIMP Pretty Stars

GIMP Pretty Stars

46. Butterflies Part I

Butterflies Part I

47. Tree Brushes by GetFirefox

Tree Brushes by GetFirefox

48. Spiky Stars

Spiky Stars>

49. 1100 Gimp Brushes

1100 Gimp Brushes>

50. Glow Brushes by Hawksmont

Glow Brushes by Hawksmont>