Download 50 Sets of Free Photoshop Shapes & Increase your Designer Kit

Recent versions of Photoshop come loaded with many brushes, patterns, actions, gradients and custom shapes. Also, the online version of Adobe cloud is useful for the same purpose.

Today we collected 50 free photoshop shapes which are free to download for personal use and some are available for commercial use, but you need to check the licence of each (available on each download link we provided) for it.

Photoshop shapes come in handy when you need a project quickly, and you do not have time for finding all resources in the end. So, my advice is to be prepared prior to your deadline and keep yourself busy with downloading and exploring new resources now and then.

1. People Silhouettes

People Silhouettes


2. Revolution Collection

Revolution Collection

 3. Smooth Arrows

Smooth Arrows

 4. Costumes and Characters Shapes

Costumes and Characters Shapes

 5. Wild animals shapes

Wild animals shapes

 6. 100 Photoshop Shapes

100 Photoshop Shapes

 7. Skater Collection

Skater Collection

 8. US Army PS Vector Shapes

US Army PS Vector Shapes

9. Various Photoshop Custom Shapes

Various Photoshop Custom Shapes


10. Skateboarders


 11. Star Trek Tech Custom Shapes

Star Trek Tech Custom Shapes

 12. Many Photoshop Custom Shapes

Many Photoshop Custom Shapes

 13. Stock Girls

Stock Girls

 14. Hero Shapes

Hero Shapes

 15. Christmas Shapes

Christmas Shapes


16. Businessman Silhouettes

Businessman Silhouettes


17. Sacred Geometry Symbol Photoshop Brushes

Sacred Geometry Symbol Photoshop Brushes

 18. World Map, Australia, UK and USA

World Map, Australia, UK and USA

 19. Business Girls

Business Girls

 20. 20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

 21. Americas Maps (North-South-Latin America, Alaska & all combined)

Americas Maps (North-South-Latin America, Alaska & all combined)

 22. Jumping People Silhouettes

Jumping People Silhouettes

 23. Half Life 2 Weapon Shapes

Half Life 2 Weapon Shapes

 24. 60 Silhouettes

60 Silhouettes

 25. Break Dancing

Break Dancing

 26. Crop Circle PS Shapes

Crop Circle PS Shapes

 27. Kiddy Photoshop Custom Shapes

Kiddy Photoshop Custom Shapes

 28. Hoops


 29. Ornaments


 30. Straights & Swirls

Straights & Swirls

 31. Presentational Shapes

Presentational Shapes

 32. Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes

Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes

 33. Ornaments


 34. People Shape Set

People Shape Set

 35. PS-CSH Stars V1.0

PS-CSH Stars V1.0

 36. Foliage (set 1)

Foliage (set 1)

 37. Hot Babes

Hot Babes

 38. Zombies


 39. Foliage (set 2)

Foliage (set 2)

 40. Go-Go Girls

Go-Go Girls

 41. Custom Shapes pack

Custom Shapes pack

 42. Trees


 43. Ladies


 44. 12 Science Symbol Photoshop Shapes

12 Science Symbol Photoshop Shapes

 45. Splats


 46. Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

 47. 31 Floral Shapes

31 Floral Shapes

 48. Circles


 49. Birds


 50. Signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac

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