Educational Website Design

website design

A notable area where websites are more than welcome is the educational sector. Websites are mostly owned by schools and faculties, authorities in charge of the school system in an area and also libraries. With online classes being more than an abstract concept with many enrollees an online platform is almost basic for an educational setting.

When designing a website for such a setting, there are key things you need to ensure as highlighted below.

  1. The Language Tone On The Content

Content is what runs a website and promotes its visibility and the same is true for an educational website. When it comes to such a scenario you need a proper language tone that is relatable by students, teachers, faculty members, and other important shareholders.

A Respectful tone is advised in this case when creating content for a website of its kind. Avoid slang and colloquialism and make sure the language is friendly for the younger users of the site. On attitude and mood, an optimistic tone is much appreciated in this setting.

2. A Friendly Design

When it comes to the homepage’s design we focus on the color scheme and accompanying mood. The mood needs to be friendly and a calming theme is the best option. Also, use friendly colors which are not screaming hence won’t be distractive to the user.

3. Creative Content

Back to content, you can use the easily relatable type is the educational context. Here there is a variety to pick from images, animated explainer videos, graphs, pie charts and many more.

Images are effective in grabbing the attention of site visitors. Explainer videos are nice when it comes to the explanation of various concepts and topics in a short time. You can contact an animation company for such a content type. Graphs and pie charts are a good option for the representation of statistical data. Get the best pick which can communicate efficiently to the site’s users.

4. Customer Support

As it is an educational website, a lot needs to be communicated and made clear. Also as it is a website, some issues are bound to arise. Therefore, a customer support center on the site is a must-have. This helps the users highlight their problems as well as have their queries sorted out.

Have a number or email for such issues. You can also enable the send-a-ticket feature where visitors can send an e-ticket to the site’s administrators in case of any eventuality.

5. Multilingual Support

The educational setting tends to attract many users at times from diverse backgrounds using different languages. Depending on your target demographic according to language, you can make your site multilingual and support various languages.

Bottom Line

These are some of the things you need to get right when setting up an educational website. You can also have a mobile compatible platform for the convenience of users who may need to access the website at remote locations.

Put more emphasis on the content in terms of tone seeing that it is friendly, formal and easily relatable according to suit the audience’s needs.