30 Creative Ecommerce Website Design Examples

The design and layout of e-commerce websites can have a great impact on the audience and therefore on sales. A site that is well-designed  can give a pleasant experience to the user. This makes it convenient for them to search, browse or perform an operation.  However, some e-commerce sites are infamous for being inferiorly designed or generating less interest among the user.

This post gives you 30 exciting ways by which you can inspire yourself with ecommerce website design. Each of these has its own attractive design and can be used for selling a variety of products.

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1. 8 Faces

Faces 8 is a typography magazine that was relaunched recently. It has a new design and features big images and bigger typography. This is a fully responsive site where readers are allowed to purchase the magazine, back issues and prints PDF.

2. Nau

This design leads to an innovative way of site navigation which is done in collage form. Users can find it very convenient to search for the required product. The site also appears credible as it has various kinds of customer care services.

3. ZingSale

ZingSale can help you find the best deals on the internet. You can receive notifications whenever any item you’d require goes on sale. It’s a convenient tool which helps you save both time and money.

4. Currys

Currys may lack the design level possessed by personal sites or agencies; however, it’s the first e-commerce site which is of a truly large scale which has embraced responsive design.

5. Red Velvet Shop

Red Velvet shop is an exciting shopping destination. It provides great attention to customer service right from the moment you step in. Whether it’s selecting the perfect accessory or developing an entirely new ward robe, this site offers one to one honest and thoughtful styling advice.

6. Chop Shop Store

Chop Shop has been coming up with iconic t-shirts and great prints ever since their designers went viral in 2008.

7. Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives has been designing and creating cost-effective and high-quality knives post 194. The site has a clean aesthetic appearance and has a number of filters that can be showcased across many columns.

8. Zaino

This website is absolutely perfect-catchy images, pages which have detailed and informative product description and useful product filters which make product searching easy and fast.

 9. RideFourever

RideFourEver is a place to purchase the right gear. It’s user-friendly where users can search their favorite category, brand or products conveniently.

10. SALT

This is a collaboration between Nabil Samadani and Tyler Wolff-two eminent surfers. The homepage has excellent full-canvas photography and great product shots.

11. WhimsyDog

The Home Page of WhimsyDog features striking, high-quality images and catches the attention of the user within a few seconds.

12. Gaialuna

Gaialuna is a glamorous site selling kids’ stuff. It has large attractive images and can be easily navigated.

13. A Book Apart

A Book Apart uses black color to display its series of books meant for those who create websites. This site is different from other e-commerce websites which depend on huge beautiful images to sell their products.

14. TensionWIRE

TensionWire has a muted color arrangement, impressive image slideshow, large product images and pages which describe the products in great detail.

15. Kiki & Bree

Kiki  & Bree is a site for twins. It sells twins clothing and presents for twins. Unique and attractive hand-made gifts are displayed in an alluring way on the homepage.

16. Hiut Denim

This is a site rich in emotion, history and photography. The lavish, hi-res images which show your favorite wears look fabulous. Alex Morris, builder and designer of the site says that the project is a responsive one and is being a culture of the industry.

17. Normanniae

This outlet attracts users with its unique background color and attractive images. It also has a user-friendly navigation and an easy checkout process.

18. Poppin

The simple and colorful design of Poppin makes looking and purchasing office supplies a cherishing experience. The website is also user-friendly.

19. Starbucks

Starbucks has most of the modern features you’d expect-the homepage featuring big attractive videos and news items that are vertically listed below.

20. Art & Mabel

Art & Mabel is a site having personalized gifts for kids. The homepage is stylish and clean and is not overloaded with disturbing elements. However, its informative.

21. Design by Humans

Design by Humans has graphic tees, wall art prints and phone cases from 15,000 international artists. Every day there is a new t-shirt designed from many submissions.

22. Kiwibank

Kiwibank is a bank from New-Zealand that competes against major rivals from Australia. The design of the site is heavily dependent upon beautiful typeset and good copy in Meta Serif.

23. Millets

Millets has an interesting background and is user friendly with high-quality images and a well-planned layout. All its features make this outlet stand out from the rest.

24. Shoon

Shoon sells shoes for both men and women which you may not find on high-end streets. The images are quite large and attractive which would compel any user to complete the purchase.

25. Indochino

Indochino produces superior quality menswear. Its responsive outlet features great product photography amalgamated with minimal design aesthetic. The site responds well to different screen sizes and the manner in which the pages are taken care of is noteworthy.

26. The Russian Store


The design of The Russian Store is simple, yet impressive and informative. The color scheme along with the beautiful images will create a lasting impression on the customer.

27. Bored of Southsea

Bored of Southsea is an easy to use e-commerce site having all the essential designs required to pull in a user.

28. Skinny Ties

Skinny Ties has been selling ties since 1997. Its layout has been structured carefully and complemented with the use of outstanding product photography. The site’s navigation performs seamlessly for a wide variety of screen sizes.

29. Minga Berlin

Minga Berlin is a laconic site which leaves a lasting impression with its simple navigation and great product images. The design can captivate almost any user.

30. Red is White

Red is White is another responsive e-commerce site which is easy to use and navigate.