DesignCap Review


When it comes to making an impact digitally, you often need beautiful posters. From PowerPoint presentation for businesses, educational projects or activist campaigns, or even marketing posters, everyone needs a great tool to design aesthetically beautiful posters.

At present, there are numerous tools online which assist you in creating such posters online. Among one of the best tools is DesignCap poster maker.


It is essentially a website which allows you to create your own custom posters as well as flyers quickly. Hence, with the help of this website, anyone can create brilliant posters online, without any cost. It doesn’t require any professional design skill whatsoever.

In another way, this online poster maker helps you in creating professionally stunning posters quite quickly. It even helps you to make your own creativity count. There are numerous bloggers, people and organizations that need professional posters. So, you can easily make your own poster, save a few bucks and make attractive looking posters and flyers.

About the Company

DesignCap is created by a company named Pearlmountainsoft. This company has essentially focused on research as well as the development of graphic design software, way back since 2006. It has more than a decade of experience in software and graphic design development. Its aim is to create professional photo editing as well as graphic design capability duly accessible to each and every one.

Working of DesignCap

After you reach their homepage, it is quite effortless to get started. In front, there is a big orange button which is labelled “Make a Free Poster or Flyer”. Simply click on that button and you are directed to the page where you can design your poster or flyer and start your creative work.

When you go to the design page, you will see the straightforward format present on the page’s left side. You will see photo, templates, clipart, text and background.

Templates – Numerous templates are available for you to choose from, and you can even customize them as per your liking. The models come in a different set size.

Photos – Add your own photos directly from your computer. Essentially, in this particular section, you can simply add the photo from your own Facebook account and even search as well as add images from PIXABAY.

Text – DesignCap provides you with different styles to easily choose from, and even allow you to add headings along with sub-headings as well as body text.

Clip-Art – It contains clipart in different categories, and you can utilize the search feature in order to find the right one which suits your design.

Backgrounds – Its background section is quite excellent. You can easily check out various colours. No matter what type of purpose you have, whether to make a poster for a school project, business, public or eBook, you can find the right one here.

How to Customize

§ The crucial things is that all templates are completely customizable, meaning you can easily change the background, the images, the fonts, even the colours too.

§ It provides you with different clipart images like funny photos, icons, celebration images and much more. All of the clipart images are designed to meet all your requirements.

§ After selecting the necessary elements, you can easily choose an attractive text. In a poster, the text is the most important aspects as it expresses the position, purpose and theme of the sign.

§ Whenever you create any poster, note that makes the text lesser than intended and choose the colour quite wisely. It certainly makes a lot of difference.

After doing this, you can simply export to .png or .jpg formats. Also, you can even save the poster as small, to medium, to large or even x-large size and readily share to social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. You can even print as well as save the project in order to load it later.

Benefits of DesignCap 

1. User-Friendly Poster Design Tool

This software doesn’t have any sort of steep learning curve that you need to go through to get completely acquainted with the entire system. It is essentially an easy-to-use platform which allows even novices to get the gist of making a poster in just under a few minutes. All that is needed is a short time to get familiar with the entire platform, and you can easily create professional posters as well as flyers in absolutely no time.

2. Online Platform

Different graphic design tools and software can easily take large space and resources that means you need to have much larger storage capacity along with powerful computers in order to run them. In case of this tool, it is essentially an online platform which doesn’t need you to install any software into the system. You don’t have to worry about lagging of the computer and bogging down of the system because of lack of space, or you don’t even have the adequate resources or necessary drivers or even the latest version.

3. Wide Spectrum of Customization and Editing Tools

It offers a rich set of different editing tools along with customizable elements which you can easily utilize to create posters as well as flyers which are completely tailored according to your business. You can simply adjust the font size, insert logos and images, use the colours of the company and much more, which gives you complete control over how the posters and flyers you make should actually look like.


  1. Ease-to-use Poster and Flyer Editor
  2. Online Platform
  3. Zero Cost Use
  4. No Signing Up needed
  5. Huge Template Library
  6. Flexibility of Background Colour 


  1. The size of the poster is fixed
  2. There is no way to contact through email, just contact through messages


When it comes down to designing a poster, it isn’t a tough task. However, if you aren’t a professional but a simple blogger or just a student than in that case, it is the free source to make the perfect poster the business.

DesignCap is easy to use and simply worth your time. It is the best choice for those who are searching for tools to make online posters for promoting products, events and reaching large potential audiences. Their useful assistant also assists you in doing this job with effectiveness. The key part of this online poster and flyer maker is that you don’t have to pay anything for the posters and flyers. It is completely free to use. In the end, its overall experience is quite excellent and worthy of your complete attention. Try it and let us know your view about DesignCap in the comment section.