BrandPacks Review: A Comprehensive Look at a New World of Templates

If you’ve been a graphic designer for some time, you’re no doubt aware of the top template websites. But even as an experienced designer, you may not be aware of new heavy-hitter BrandPacks.

BrandPacks is a brand-new templates website co-founded by long-time designers Adam McIntyre & Seth Taylor.

In this post on SaveDelete, we’re giving you a full and comprehensive review of BrandPacks and the graphic design templates they have to offer. We’re probably just as excited as you.

First, why use templates?

We have covered different types of templates on SaveDelete before. Templates are an essential tool for graphic designers because they help save time and produce better results.

In most cases templates can help designers to grow their business and earn more money. This is especially true for those who are new to freelancing and need a reliable income quickly.

With websites like BrandPacks, designers can download readymade templates that are designed by professionals. The designer then simply needs to edit a pre-made template and send the final results to the client. This means the designer has produced a high quality design in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

And as all freelancers now, time is money.

What templates do BrandPacks offer?

One of the most impressive things about BrandPacks versus other design templates websites is their wide range of template sizes.

Most websites usually offer just one paper size per design, whereas BrandPacks offers their templates in 6-7 different sizes.

These sizes include:

Each of the individual categories also include slight variants. For example BrandPacks’ poster templates come in both A3 and A4 format.

But we would argue that doesn’t matter. Another huge benefit we found to BrandPacks’ templates are the fact that they’re offered in both Photoshop AND Illustrator format.

The very fact that vector based Adobe Illustrator files are included means the designs can be scaled to any size and shape, which is perfect for designers who work on large scale projects. Sometimes PSDs alone don’t cut it.

What format are BrandPacks templates?

As mentioned above, all of BrandPacks templates are downloaded in both Photoshop and Illustrator format.

BrandPacks themselves advertise that their templates require Adobe CC versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, but we found many of their freebies worked just fine with CS4 and above.

Each of the templates are designed to exacting CMYK standards and to ensure they print out perfectly, bleeds and crop marks are also added in.

It’s a shame that BrandPacks don’t offer InDesign files, but when we reached out, Adam McIntyre their community manager let us know that InDD support is in the pipeline.

Are there any special features?

With so much competition in the graphic design templates market, it is really hard to stand out. But BrandPacks are doing a really great job.

Unlike pretty much all stock templates websites, we were pleasantly surprised that BrandPacks include stock photos in all their templates.

For us this is definitely an added bonus that helps designers save even more time and save money.

Secondly the quality of design is very, very good. With template marketplaces opening their doors to just about anyone, the quality of templates available online is sometimes not great.

However BrandPacks buck this trend. Each and everyone of their designs are professional and clearly created by designers with years of experience, which is a massive thumbs up from us.


Overall we found that BrandPacks are offering some of the best print templates the design market has seen in a long time.

The quality of design is high and the fact that each template comes in two formats is great. The icing on the cake for us is included stock photos.

As previously mentioned, it is a shame that InDesign is not yet supported. But that is not a deal breaker for us, especially as it is said to be in the pipeline.

Find out more info on BrandPacks.