8 Fantastic Tutorials On How To Build Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress – one of the most common blogging platform these days. More than 80-85% of blog owners use WordPress as a content management system (CMS). Thousands on new blogs start everyday and opting for WordPress as their platform. WordPress is popular because of many reasons such as easily availability of Free WordPress Themes, plugins, widgets, how-to guides and other useful WordPress resources.

There are many designers and developers who give their valuable time and apply their knowledge to bring out these amazing WordPress resources for the people who don’t know too much about coding knowledge. In case of free WordPress themes, sometimes we can’t the find the best one that suits our needs but we have to stick with free ones only because developing a custom WordPress theme is almost pain in the ass.

Still, there are many person out there who takes the challenge to build their custom WordPress themes and I am one of them too. If you too want to build, I am sharing best resources on Internet that will help you to build your dream custom WordPress themes from scratch. Basically, there are many WordPress tutorials written by the blogs that will teach your basic WordPress theming as well as advanced techniques to build your own WordPress themes.

So, if you are up-to the challenge, I am sharing the best WordPress theme development tutorials that are very detailed and easy-to-understand.

Have a look on 8 fantastic WordPress tutorials on how to build your own custom WordPress theme. If you have written any WordPress tutorial on the same topic, please be kind and share with our readers in the comments section below.

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Custom WordPress Theme

2. How to create WordPress Themes from scratch – Themetation

Custom WordPress Theme

3. The ultimate WordPress Theme tutorial – Themeshaper

Custom WordPress Theme4. How to create WordPress Themes from Scratch – nettuts +

Custom WordPress Theme5. Build a Newspaper Theme with WP_Query and the 960CSS Framework – nettuts +

Custom WordPress Theme6. How to build a custom WordPress Theme from scratch – Spoon Graphics

Custom WordPress Theme7. Building Custom WordPress Theme – Webdesignerwall

Custom WordPress Theme8. Developing a WordPress Theme – deziner folio

Custom WordPress Theme