Best iPhone 5 Cases


While some people might prefer a plain inexpensive case for their iPhone 5, others are more prone to drop severe coin for heavy-duty charging or chassis case. Whatever is your personal preference, we’ve got you with the 10 best iPhone 5 available cases.

If you have decided to part up with your cash, then a case is possible to be next thing for you to to invest in. If you desire to keep the sparkly new iPhone 5 look sexy and pristine, then you definitely need to grab some decent guard. Whether you wish for something to perfectly match Apple’s modish design, something to uphold it from accident, or something to boaster your personality, then we’ve got you totally covered in the best iPhone 5 cases rundown.

When accessories are concerned, the iPhone always has inspired a few creative entries, and latest release is not an exception. Even before queues started to form at the Apple stores all over the world, the market already was flooded with the best iPhone 5 cases. There are unbreakable iPhone cases, retro iPhone cases, gorgeous iPhone cases, – so, in short, we’ve an iPhone 5 case so as to suit everyone needs.

iphone5Best iPhone 5 Cases

If you haven’t still upgraded, then check out the 10 best iPhone 5 cases.

Acase Superleggera Pro Case ($11)

The primary release of Acase Superleggera Pro Case for iPhone 5 was failed and clients complained about loose fit. But, good news is, the case is been redesigned for comfy protection. It fairly is a svelte offering with layer of shocks absorbing polycarbonate and a silicone cover with rubber coating for its grip. It has the silicone pads so as to protect the ports and there also are cutouts for camera and controls. These best iPhone 5 cases are available in a broad range of colors.

Mophie Juice Air Pack ($100)

If your iPhone 5’s battery keeps dying, then this case may be the answer for you. It has 1700mAh battery fitted with LED indicators in order to show the remaining power. You may turn it on so as to charge your iPhone fully in an hour or so, whenever you require it. Battery cases always are a bit bulky and heavy, but this isn’t bad considering the added juice you’re getting. These are button covers plus Micro USB port can be used to charge your phone, but you’ll need to wirelessly sync when case is on.

Pad And Quill Pocket Book ($59.99)

Here’s a small pocket book case which combines leather with the Baltic birch wood. It’s a high quality alternative handmade in USA and it really has a distinct look. It has room also for your credit cards as well as small bits and pieces. A wooden frame surrounded wholly by durable leather snugly closes around the iPhone 5 to provide great protection and an elasticated band is also there to keep it exactly in its place. There’s complete access to the ports and controls, together with the camera, thanks to exact cutouts.

InnoPocket Amphhibian Waterproof Cases for iPhone5 ($29.99)

You’ll usually find that completely waterproof best iPhone 5 cases are pretty costly, so $30 price tag for this one really makes it quite attractive. It has a good design, as you get clear, polycarbonate case which is apt for daily use, and silicone jacket which makes it submersible to 10 meters. Also, you can make use of the camera and touchscreen with full case on, however it is ugly, thus you’ll probably only wish to make use of it in severe conditions.

Nuu MiniKey ($59)

Touchscreen keyboards have been improving since all times, but if you hanker still after the physical version then you’ll get one case with built in. The case has full 42 keys QWERTY keyboard which slides out as well as works with iPhone 5 via Bluetooth. This is backlit, as a result, you can type even in the dark; keys are angled in order to enable quick double thumb typing even without looking. Protection tends to be the secondary concern and it’ll add considerable bulk, however if you require that keyboard, then it’s an excellent option.

Marware CEO Prestige Plus ($34.43)

There’re 3 components of these hip best iPhone 5 cases. This has a MicroShell case made up of virtually durable polycarbonate which sits inside an authentic leather wallet; interior is a scratch resistant microfiber, in addition to a magnetic closure. Additionally, it has a fitted belt clip so that you can wear this on the belt.

Edge Design Aktiv ($99)

With the anodized aluminum so as to match with the design of iPhone 5, this Aktiv case from the Edge Design is very stylish. There’s polymer band in middle to hold up your iPhone, and it’s also suspended, so it don’t touch metal case. Simple to fit, simple to clean and offered with 12-month guarantee, this case is a finest product at a finest price. You’ve a choice of 2-tone color scheme, from understated grey and black, to glaring white and pink.

Moshi iGlaze Armour Case ($39.95)

Stylish and super svelte protection for iPhone comes from the Moshi in shape of the iGlaze Armour case. This has a hard polycarbonate frame with a buffer film diamond-cut and aluminum back plate to prevent dust from getting inside. The case has full range of the cutouts needed for normal operation of phone and it completely is in tune with the Apple’s design language. Case snaps on very easily and is available in black, grey, or bronze.

Knomo Leather Case ($35)

The case has a premium, stylish look finished in the real leather. Its frame is strong polycarbonate and there’s TPU lip to provide it bit flexibility for snapping off and on. You’ll find simple access for iPhone controls, but similar to lots of other cases, this can cause flash so as to white wash the photos. You’ve a choice of understated black leather along with green frame and much loud burnt ochre leather together with black frame.

LifeProof Fre ($76.72)

Want to do everything and go everywhere with iPhone 5? Lifeproof has a perfect answer in shape of Fr? case that is waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, and shockproof. For tough case, this surprisingly is light and slim. There are buttons in order that you still can operate your iPhone within the case and it extends to glass lens for camera and finest speaker ports. In case, you really need a reliable rugged case, this is it.