BeFunky Review – Online Photo Editor with Exciting Features

It’s been almost a year, since we wrote about our favorite online photo editor BeFunky. In this article we will review some of the new features that have been added and a glimpse of other essential tools inside.

A. The major new feature that I liked the most is the Photo Enhancer, that has effects to correct some of the bigger issues after photography. These four common problems are –

  1. Poor exposure
  2. Lack of detail
  3. Color issues
  4. Image noise

All of the above problems in photography can now be solved with a mere click as BeFunky has adapted technology that you find in an expensive photo editing software.


The reduced exposure in your photos can now be enhanced with just a click. The picture gets analyzed and smaller image regions with different lightning conditions are adjusted accordingly, the sharpness, color enhancements, and all other tidbits are corrected properly.


Shapen DLX

Lack of detail in photos can seriously hit a photographer when sharpening of the image is not proper. With, Sharpen DLX functions not only enhances the sharpness but also the contrast, depth, and the photo looks richer than the original.


Vibrant Colors DLX

Colors in a picture play a significant role and the Vibrant Colors DLX is what you need to correct the flatness of your photos. All the midtones gets enhanced to give a dynamic look.


Denoise DLX

Noise in a photo can make a photo look dull and hence the BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer has the Denoise DLX feature to remove the noise. It analyze the photo smartly and applies the effect without any loss of detail.


B. The next addition of feature which I liked is the Photo to Art effects in the library. These 50+ effects will turn your photos in digital art (painting, cartoons, sketches etc.)

Lets see some of the effects of Photo to Art and other Photo Editing Features.

Cartoonizer effect

a brilliant novel look with stark contrast and bold lines, its one of my favorites and the most popular digital art transformation available online.



A technique which is centuries old, where a layer of paint is used on the base to creative vibrance, tonal values and contrast. Underpainting also brings out the richness and a texture is added to the photos that isn’t possible with a camera.


Oil Painting

Oil painting is a process of sketching on canvas then mixing colors with paint brush and waiting for a period of months to dry. Here with BeFunky it takes few secs to convert any photo to an oil painting with just one click.

Oil Painting


This is another favorite tool my mine, where you convert your photos into watercolor painting that involved pigments and water based solution in real life. Again the Watercolor DLX art filter recreates the traditional effect instantly.



This is a new effect which I came across on BeFunky and it looks totally awesome the cross hatching technique is shading method that comprises of hatching lines and it presents into a dramatic monochrome that contains good amount of texture and high contrast, making it attention grabbing.


Pop Art

In 50’s the counter-culture art form called the Pop art got many people interested in doing something different and since then this unique art has emerged. You again have the ability to convert any photos in just a click to a pop art look.

Pop art

C. Cropping Photos for social media networks have become more easy with BeFunky’s Photo Editor that has pre-sized cropping for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

A lot of time I use to Resize photos manually, but with BeFunky you can make any size quickly for all your blogging needs as well.


If you are looking for a complete a stop solution for photo editing then BeFunky has to be on the top of your list. It has tons of effects and all can be applied in just a click. Many of the effects comes with a premium plan but its worth it. You should definitely try it.