Beautify your Images with Wonderful Lens Flare Effects by BeFunky

The new generation on social media is obsessed with Selfies, group photographs, party snaps and a lot more. Everyone wants his/her uploaded image to reflect their persona, vibe, and inner brightness. So there is a new tool in town which makes these tedious tasks, a seamless process. BeFunky has brought its new Deluxe Edition Lens Flare Effects for its users.

BeFunky Lens Flare has 16 individually crafted effects which create astonishing photographs out of ordinary photographs, shot by newbies or amateur photographers. All you need is upload your image by clicking on drop- down menu with options to upload from Facebook, webcam, google drive, etc. giving many options to the user. Once uploaded, now you have all the tools on your left panel to bring the liveliness in your image. To try out Befunky, we selected few tools and used Lens Flare Effects.

Without a doubt, the most exciting and innovative part of BeFunky is the Lens Flare Effect. Just apply any of the 16 effects you want. We picked the Simple effect, and the result was just brilliant. The final result speaks for itself about the enhancement of the image.

Using Sun Beam and Spotlight effect, we were able to improve image quality by controlled light dispersion which also brought brilliance and vibrancy to the image too.

sunbeam spotlight

For increasing sharpness of incident light, we tried out Headlight effect. With smooth transition in the image, we got the desired result without any complexity.

Headlight Effect

When it comes to selfies, the female audience is pretty sensitive. So ladies, just upload your image and pick Blemish Fix tool and get rid of dark spots that ruin your favorite profile pictures.


We also took a look on Collage Maker, drag and drop few images and picked autofill for rest of the collage. You can either upload from your computer or from Facebook. What we saw was the most simplified process to make a neat looking collage.

For next few hours, we played with the Lens Flare effects. We did thorough review of its brilliant architecture and easy to do processes. Anyone can try this deluxe edition with one free effect (Simple) or can buy the entire package at very reasonable price.


So coming back to strengths and uniqueness of BeFunky, its Lens Flare gives a new dimension to photo-editing by providing great visual effects in few steps. It boasts the beautifully laden effect architecture offering a wide variety of effects to the user. Whether you are a professional designer or a regular user with no experience in tools like Adobe Photoshop, you can easily create visually enhanced images in a seamless way.

One issue that we would like to tell about our readers is that there is only One Effect for free which affects its chances to grow as a go-to tool for the amateur photographers and regular users. To get the maximum out of Lens Flare, you have to buy the subscription plan, but again that is reasonably priced.

Overall, our verdict on these effects cant be summed up in words because we want you to notice the final product or create your image with these effects and see the great results.

As they say, Picture tells a thousand word story.