26 Creative Annual Report Cover Designs and Examples

Annual Report Cover Designs and Examples

When a company wants to report its activities, earnings, or other important information for the year to shareholders, they create an annual report. But there’s more to it than just consolidating a bunch of boring facts and data. The point is to make the information engaging to read—and a big part of that is creating an attractive cover.

This type of collateral is wildly diverse. Some companies create bound booklets or brochures, while others opt for a stack of documents inside a printed report cover.

Creating a report cover of your own? We’ve assembled this collection of designs to help ignite your imagination.


X5 Retail Group

Suisse Design

OBM Associates

Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

BFA Bank

Knight Frank – Global Development Report

Knight Frank – London Report

Camala C. Bailey


Creative Skillset


Braxas Annual Report Design

Lemongraphic Corporate Annual Report

Riverdale Vet Dermatology

Avant Garde


Nordic Trust Fund


Karin Sprague

Energize New Mexico

Layout Design LTD

Levi Strauss & Co

The Marchese Group


Trend Report