An Infographic That Re-Incarnate the usage of Fax

Cloud fax is the new kid on the block and with this new technology faxing has been reincarnated.

We remember fax as time-consuming, energy wasting, paper wasting, ink wasting gadget, but with cloud faxing things have changed in a more positive way.

Now you don’t have to wait 5 mins to send a 20-page document, but you can do this 20-page job in few seconds.

Many businesses and legitimate government places, still need you to send a fax. This is primarily due to many countries that don’t use the digital signature as a verifiable proof. They still need you to sign documents and send via fax.

With cloud faxing you can use your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to send and receive faxes and we can say the old fax machine has been re-incarnated by Cloud-Faxing.

The simple way to send a fax with these new faxing method is by just entering fax numbers, attaching your documents and pressing send.

If you want more exciting news in the faxing world, I recommend you to see the infographic below.