8 Killer Steps To Create An Effective Brochure

In this paperless world, brochures are still very effective way to shout about your products or services. In short, brochures help your target segment makes a buying decision.It is very important to pay attention to each detail of your brochure.

Even paying attention is not enough, you have to ensure what information you should place in the brochure. What you want to highlight in your brochure ; company’s marketing strategies or product’s detail?

Because not paying attention and inadequate research can be a cause of ineffective brochure and wasteful spending.

So, in this article, I am sharing 8 steps to create an awesome informative brochure that really do work and help to get best return on your investment.

1) Seize attention of your target segment : You need to research about what your target segment interested in. The headline and cover page of the brochure is your first way to grab attention of your target. Design an awesome cover page and create sizzling headline to their spark curiosity.

2) Focus on customer’sbenefit : You have to admit that most of the times your focus is on describing the product features not on customer’s benefits. Don’t confuse among these two ; Features are different characteristics of your products while benefits are the output your customer gets after buying your product or service. So, it’s better considering the benefits of your products or services.

3) Know your customers : Brochure is not only to tell them about you. You customers interests in how can they increase their productivity/sales by buying your product or service. Do extensive research on what your customer needs and then offer it.

4) Make your business stand out from the competition : Take out some time to think how to differentiate your company and your products from your competition. Explain what are your advantages or why you are better choice than your competition. But not forget to over-do all these things. Keep it brief and simple to understand.

5) Design is very important : Design is as important as other key aspects. If you write too well but your brochure design in dull, there are chances that your potential customers will not read it. So, it’s better to hire a designer for designing the brochure.

6) Flow of copy in your brochure : You need to make sure that your copy flows from one page to the next. Always arrange your brochure into sections where as each section has particular topic and its related details. Get feedback of your brochure in the draft stage from your friends and closest customers to make it more effective.

7) Consistency is important : Your brochure is a weapon in your marketing arsenal. And there are other weapons too which are used to gain new prospects, so always make sure to pass the same message, look, feel, design and colors.

8 ) Don’t advise your customers : Don’t ever try to tell customers what to do like “call now”, “visit our website”, “buy today” or “what are you waiting at?”. Just leave all your details that has your address, phone no., email-ids, website URL.

Brochure is a very important way to get new customers, tell your existing customers about your new services or creating a corporate reputation. So, remember all above steps to create an effective brochure that really works.

Also, feel free to share if you want to add any other point which I am missing in this article.