7 Killer Tips For Logo Design

Logo designer at work

Your logo design is the cornerstone of your business. Logos can be daunting to design. To gain success, it is important to pay attention to carving logo design for your company. It has power to convert your company into a Brand.

Logos show expectations and feelings of a brand. Also, it marks the growth of your company.

A remarkable logo should be-

  • Timeless
  • Grab Attention
  • Be Memorable
  • Simple
  • Loyal and Trustworthy

To stand out of the competition put up by rival companies and brands, you must come up with something different. The logo design of your brand should be unique. Eye pleasing and attractive designs are easily memorized.

Before sharing with others, you should research the design carefully and thoroughly. Check if it is unique or not. Any resemblance to another brand’s logo can affect your brand’s image poorly and people might relate your brand to others. Also, avoid the same color scheme or pattern matching with opponents. Try incorporating theme colors of brand in logo design to build a sense of trust and resemblance.


Adding on more and more elements can make your logo design look overwhelming. So, just try to keep it as simple as it can be.Also, customers will be able to recall your logo design easily. Simplicity makes logos recognizable. They also tend to build trust and sensibility.

A clear and simple design is pleasing to eyes. Also, it becomes easier to translate a simple logo across different media.

Stick to a single or core concept to build something unique and self-explanatory. Once it gets ready, remove extra elements from the design. After that, check whether the logo still represents your brand’s values as you wish it to. If yes, your job here is complete.


It is crucial to understand and know your company to put all of it into a single logo. Before designing your logo, you must be aware of what your company really stands for. Figure out your company’s mission and represent it in your logo as well.

The perfect example for this point is- NIKE, its logo that is a swoosh, symbolizes speed, movement, power and motivation. All these are the company’s values and promote the company’s mission.

A logo is bound to reflect your business. If people fail to relate a brand’s values with the logo, a negative impact can be produced on the brand’s image and popularity.


You can choose from thousands of logo designing software and tools available online. Now-a-days as everything is turning to artificial intelligence there are tools that offer various facilities such as a huge number of templates to choose from, fonts, colors, images.

Designhill has an amazing logo creation tool Designhill logo maker. It is equipped with dozens of quality designed logo templates that work for your business. By just entering a few important details related to your business, Designhill creates arrays of logo designs. You can easily customize logo designs as per your will.


Watch clearly, your choice of colors of logo design. Best way is to use the theme colors of the brand. Select appropriate colors to make a catchy and unique logo. Usage of simple colors is appreciated.

Every color had a different impact on everyone. Different color convey a different message when displayed somewhere. Some colors are listed below-

Red- Warmth, Power, Energy and boldness

Blue- Trustworthy, Calm and Loyal

Green- Growth, Health, Nature and Freshness

Yellow- Cheerful, Youthful, Optimistic and Energetic

Pink- Feminine, Compassion and Playful

Purple- Luxury, Ambition and Purposeful

Black- Sleek, Modern, Powerful and Sophisticated


A great logo design consists of a wordmark and a symbol. In order to get noticed with just your symbol, a great deal of advertising must be done. Your audience must be aware of the company’s values and mission. For instance, Starbucks and Apple are using logo symbols rather than following old logo design of wordmark and symbol.

Also, few brands choose to go with the wordmark no matter what like Ray. Ban or Coca- Cola.

Usage of custom fonts can make your logo design look attractive. Furthermore, in case your brand does not have a unique name, working on symbols becomes crucial.


Logo designs must be made in such a manner that they can be easily portrayed on different types of media platforms.

Logos are generally displayed on business cards, brochures, billboards, advertisements. Designs must be clear and simple so that if displayed on a small pen, it does not lose its grace. Also, if displayed on huge boardings, it must look eye appealing.

For instance, Adidas follows its main theme of 3 parallel lines on various platforms.

In addition to this, create something that does not get out of fashion anytime soon. Logos should be timeless. Easy to design and easy to understand logos are easily recognized thus increasing brand recognition.