5 Blunders While Making Web Design Resumes

Design is something that decides the fate of anything, it is something that is visible to human eyes and every human eye wants something astonishing, spell bounding and interesting. And this expectation increases if you are a web designer because you are the genuine-creator, the caretaker of the web site.

So, resume of a web design should be made with great conscience and care. And you must not carry the following 5 lame things while creating a resume

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1) Forget to mention the portfolio:-

Every recruiter wants to see your work instantly because it clearly decides your level of creativity, thinking and maturity in this field. Always try to keep your portfolio URL at the very beginning of the resume. You can also use carbonmade or bling, but always list them.


2) Lacking current trend :-

Always try to be in the touch of new trends and design culture otherwise you as well as your work can’t be taken as noteworthy. Every web designing company wants to hire the designers which can give their best not the best designers.

3) Design in accordance of job description:-

It is not possible that single resume will do the things everywhere. You need to design your resume as per the need of the job description, so always try to create a resume which attracts the attention of the recruiter.

4) Shortage of noticeable projects and trying to avoid such projects :-

May be till date you are not on the stage to create some dazzling web design, but try to create your own fully fledged and noticeable design or project which force the recruiters to hire (Best freelance Job Sites) you without any doubt in their mind.

5) Lame Resume :-

What was good in the past doesn’t mean will work in the present too. Old styles, old culture doesn’t survive  in this fast moving design culture. You should try to add new trends in your resume.

You can also create digital resumes. They look great and catchy.