45 Handy and Free Photoshop files

PSD stands for photoshop document file. It is supported by Adobe photoshop suite. If you are a designer, you probably know the worth of ready to use PSD templates more than others. And even if you are not one, you can find a few which are very easy to edit and use as per your requirement.

So, today we are presenting you a quality assortment of 45  ready to use PSD files which you can tinker with as per your requirement without shelling out a penny. Have fun !

1. Pin Picture :  A fun way to show off your Christmas pics on your desktop.

2. Home Web Buttons : Can be of great use for web designers.

3.  Under Construction: Started your website in a hurry only to find that some particles still need editing, Don’t worry, use this template to get out of it neatly.

4. Film Strip with reflection : This is one of my personal favourites. Gives real cool celeb effects to your self portraits.

5. Demon Wings:  Need something really cool to share on your facebook profile. Just remove the text layer and add your picture in between these wings.

6. Bat Wings/ Dragon Wings: This shall shine up your Halloween preparations !

7. Fairy wings :  Here’s something for the ladies.

8. Proxal Icon Set :  More than 90 Icons in a single pack.

10.  Art Gallery :  Make your invaluable moments shine with this PSD file. I suggest you to get a printout of your creation get it framed and hang on your wall. It would look great !

 11. Product Box :  It can be a great marketing help for those who wish to sell their products online. I think Norton used this type product box design first with their Antivirus products.

 12. Wing PSD : This one is real cool. Just add these photo around your Portrait. Edit with a few stylish filter and TADA ! you would just Rock !

 13. Newspaper Template : How about landing directly into the NY Times !

 14. Social Buttons Template :  A collection of nice Social Networking Icons templates to give that ‘in vogue’ look to your website.

15.  Deviant ID Card How about a Super cool and Highly customizable ID card !

16. DVD Label : Are you a budding singer, looking to fool your friends with your own CD label. This one’s for you !

17.  DVD Plastic Case : Customizable DVD plastic case template.

18. Afterglow : Beautiful imagery for use as a background layer.

19. Nice Album : Ideal template for giving a style quotient to your best clicks.

20. WWE 2007 DVD Cover Template : How about featuring yourself on the WWE  DVD Cover !

21. 3D red push button : If I were a website owner, I would use it as my startup page link for entry into my blog. Pretty cool template. Isn’t it !

22. Gold guarantee seal :  Another cool graphic for you blog.

23. PSD Pack Painted Tags ( by Tamilia )

 24. Lamborghini Murcielago  : How about a Supercar ride ?

25.LCD UltraHD 350dpi : How about showing off on a giant LCD screen !

26.Cassette : When was the last time you used a cassette player ?

27. Old Style Diskette : Another extinct storage device.

28. Old folder  :  Confidential folder with a retro look.

29. Stratocaster Classic : Some Classic guitar designs.

30.  Photo Borders :Awesome photobook design with editable text and image layers. Gets you nostalgic right away !

31. Autumn butterfly wings set :A set of 8 butterfly wings to add fun to your pictures. Your girlfriend will surely love it.

32.3D Cube Icons set

33. iPhone Icons: Iphone icon set free for commercial use under GPL.

34. Pixel Arrows Pack: A stock of some low carb pixel arrows for your website.

35. Wanted: Wanted poster with Looney Tunes like theme.

36. PSD Resource Pack  : Some of the most popular stuff for “Web 2.0” all in one .PSD file. Also  includes Wood Patterns (included in the “Hidden Resources” layer)

37. Film Strip : Another nice film strip template. Use negative filter on your image for a realistic look.

38. Newspaper: Make the headlines, the front page is completely yours to edit.

39. Login Area:Highly customizable login area template for your website.

40. iPhone GUI PSD Template: An exhaustive collection of iphone OS templates.

41. Space Light: A very beautiful template with editable text.

42. Dramatic Room:  Nice template for decoration with collectibles. You can also replace the wallpaper layer with your own wallpaper for a personalized feel.

43. Notebook: A PSD file to scribble around with.

44. Paper Design:  Template with editable text and handwriting font.

45. Identity Poster : How about being able to edit a piece of pseudo Modern Art !

Thank you for reading our post. We hope you found it useful.