40 Hilarious Twitter Comic Strips To Make Your Day Fun-filled

As we all know, Twitter is expanding in a rapid pace. No one was expecting that time, a mini-blogging service called Twitter which started back in March 2007 will become so popular that everyone will become ” Retweet crazy” some day.

Every person is busy tweeting these days while at office, at home, in toilet, on a date with girlfriend or anywhere.

In this article, I have gathered some hilarious, super-duper Twitter comic strips which will turn your stressful Monday into fun-filled day. These comics strips simply depicts our daily Tweeting experience in a humorous way.

So, here’s the SaveDelete’s compilation of 40 hilarious twitter comic strips to make your day fun-filled.  Also, Retweet this article to share the laugh with your friends and for more hilarious twitter comic strips, you can check Tony Gigov’s work at www.pink-sheep.com/twitter-nonsense.

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