4 Tips to Update YourBusiness Logo

Business Logo

Do you wantto update your logo? The New Year is right around the corner, so you better doit now. This is the ideal time to makesome changes if you want to drive more business and have aprolific year ahead.We are giving you a few tips to get started.

1. DoSome Research    

Logo design is more than creating something pretty; itís about serving your businessís needs while showing what your brand stands for. Therefore, before you sketch our ideas, you have to do some research on your audience and see what they want.

It will give you a head start about the message you will convey in your logo.  A logo should give an insight into the companyís heritage while telling its story.

2. ChangeYour Font

You need to create a unique looking logo. For this, you must use a unique font. New fonts are being introducednow and then. So, look out for new fonts and update your log. You donít need to invest a fortune into your logo. Just tweak it a little bit from time to time but maintain a distinctive design language.

This will create your presence. So, donít stop from experimenting with different fonts. It will give you a better idea of what your logo should look like. If you need help improving your current logo, you better explore some best branding agencies onDesignRush

3. Mobileand Responsiveness

Rachel Begg stressed the importanceof creating responsive Logos back in 2014 on her guide to how to create a logoonHubSpot. Itís still very relevant today.

Mobile responsiveness is not onlyrelated to your website. It is now focusing on your logo. If you have investedin a clever logo, you need to invest in how you present it. For this, you willneed to create a minimalist logo.

There is a reason why most big companies have super minimal logos. This is a tech-driven phenomenon, and itís accepted across the board. More people are accessing the internet via mobile phones than computers;therefore, the logo designers have lost their control of the size of their creations. When it comes to small pixels, an overly designed logo will lose its effectiveness. This is why you need a simple logo. It will be easy to manage. 

4. MindCurrent Trends

No one will look at your logo for more than a millisecond. This is your time frame, and if you canít convince them that you are a worthy consideration, and then you have already failed. To create an impact, you need to appeal to peopleís subconscious.

For this, you have to come up with something that will connect to them on a subliminal level. You will need to read your audience and current trends. See whatís currently going on the market and what your audience wants from it.

In her 30 tips to design a logo, Mashableís LindsayRothfeld discusses the importance of studying youraudience and tweaking your logo according to their expectations. It helps drivemore business to your company

Image Credits: Business Logo from Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock