4 tips for better home design

home design

Looking to give your home a new lease of life? Here are our top tips

Making a house feel like a home is a special skill, and requires time, effort and a lot of love on your part. Yet making a few key changes to your home design can make all the difference to how your home looks and feels, and theres nothing better than coming back to a home you can be proud of at the end of the day.

Interior design can be fun and rewarding, but its important to know where to start. Thats why were here to help and guide you through your home transformation with cost-effective options. From mixing and matching colours and fabrics to repurposing old favourites, here are some of our top tips for better home design. Lets take a look.

Maximise space and light with bifold doors

Many modern homes come complete with bifold doors because theyre in such high demand. These sleek yet secure glass doors are able to bring your outdoor and indoor space together seamlessly, all while taking up virtually no floorspace. By replacing solid wall with tough glass, they effectively maximise the amount of natural light flooding into your living space, all while boasting a chic and modern look that can be tailored to your needs.

On top of all this, bifold doors are incredible durable and thermally efficient, helping you save on your energy costs over time. Shop around for high quality Eco Bi Fold doors & windows online and pick out the very best option for your home.

Include your personality throughout

Remember that this is your home, so there are no rights or wrongs with your interior design as long as you are happy with it. While looking at the latest trends can be worthwhile in order to get some inspiration, its ultimately all about injecting your own personality and style into your living space. This is what will make your house really feel like a home.

From choosing colours you like to making ornaments out of knick-knacks that mean something to do, there are plenty of ways to stamp yourself on your home. You can also fill your living space with items that reflect your interests, like musical instruments or a writing bureau.

Mix and match with colours and fabrics

In order to find the perfect colours and textures for your home, you need to play around. Dont be afraid to experiment and think outside the box with your options, ordering paint samples to see what looks good. Light, neutral shades are always a safe bet for making rooms feel clean, bright and spacious, while bold colours are a fantastic option for feature walls.

You can also add colour through your accessories, while also experimenting with texture. Cushions, wallpapers, curtains and throws are all great ways to add interest to your living space.

Transform old to new

Repurposing old items of furniture can give them a new lease of life, while also saving you the cost of a new purpose. Take tired furniture and give it a bold coat of paint or a fresh varnish, in order to make it feel like new. You can think creatively here as well: duvets can become cushion covers; desks can become coffee tables; bed frames can become flower beds. There are endless options here, and the only limit is your imagination.

Look at your home with fresh eyes and see where you could add a little TLC. By spending some time and effort loving your home, you can create a comfortable environment to be proud of.