4 Reasons Brochures are Powerful Marketing Tools

Brochures designs

What do you have in your marketing toolbox? If youíre like most people, you probably use email marketing, PPC ads, and search engine optimization (SEO). While these digital marketing methods are effective, youíre missing out if you arenít using brochures.

You donít have to worry about brochures taking up too much of your marketing dollars. These days, itís fast, easy, and cheap to print brochures. For instance, you can get yours made online through Printing Center USA for less than youíd pay at a traditional print shop.

Not using brochures yet? Hereís why you should add them to your marketing toolbox.

1. Brochures serve a double purpose

Brochures have been around for a long time, and while theyíre generally created to provide information, they also serve as powerful marketing tools.

Youíve probably picked up an informational brochure on vacation in order to learn about the area. For example, maybe you picked up a brochure from your hotel. Later on, when a friend wants to take the same vacation, that brochure will become a marketing tool for them to call and make reservations at the hotel where you stayed.

2. Brochures hold plenty of information

One thing that sets brochures apart from other marketing tools is their ability to hold more information. For example, business cards are only meant to hold contact information and flyers arenít really meant for holding detailed information.

A brochure, on the other hand, is designed to present people with information in a strategic, organized manner. Each fold of a brochure is essentially a page of its own. Itís separated from the other pages, which means you can present numerous ideas in one brochure without it looking cluttered.

When you need to provide people with a significant amount of information, a brochure is the best option.

3. Brochures influence people to make big purchases

Whatever youíre trying to sell, whether itís a product or service, a brochure can help people decide to make a big purchase. While itís not hard to get impulse sales for low-priced items, you wonít get that from high-ticket items.

Before people make a big purchase, they generally need time to think it over. Sometimes they need time to compare products made by different manufacturers, read reviews, and decide if they really want to spend that much money.

Having a brochure to give your leads can help them decide to buy your product or service. Itís like leaving them with a miniature version of your sales pitch in print form thatís designed to give them information and answer all of their questions.

Provided your brochure is designed to walk leads through the journey to buy, you can influence people over time to make a big purchase.

4. Direct mail marketing is very much alive

You might be wondering if brochures are still relevant, considering theyíre physical and we are in a digital age. The truth is, people still love holding physical marketing materials in their hands.

Direct mail marketing is not dead and it actually gets a better response rate than digital marketing methods. While emails get about a 2-3% click-through rate, direct mail gets a 5.3% response rate.

The best part is, thereís little competition with direct mail these days, so itís not going to be hard to start using this strategy. If youíre not sure where to start, you can learn how to make your sales brochures more effective. Ultimately, it begins with effective, persuasive sales copy. This isnít something you can easily write yourself. Effective sales copy is best left to professional copywriters.

Most marketers run their campaigns entirely online and forget about physical mail entirely. Use this to your advantage. If you have a product or service that is appropriate to advertise in a brochure, start using direct mail.

Start using brochures in your marketing campaigns

Now that you know all the benefits to using brochures, itís time to start using them in your marketing campaigns. Since brochures require professional design, find a professional designer who can create your materials in the proper PDF form so they are ready for print. Itís not a good idea to use free templates and print them yourself. You can use brochure templates, but always hire a professional designer.

Whether you choose to print your brochures locally or use an online source, having a properly formatted PDF file is a must. A PDF file will ensure that all formatting, including typeface and spacing, remain exactly to your specifications.