30 Ways to Create your Home Office with the Help of Pinterest

Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. It is an incredible source for searching great home ideas, organization, craft projects, and other smart ways to improve your lifestyle.

Improving your home office is no exclusion, and we’ve found that the site has a wealth of amazingly imaginative ideas for whipping your work space into shape.

Here in this article you’ll find more than 30 fascinating ways to create your home office more prearranged, eye-catching, and pleasurable to work in.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestCreative containers:

This residence place of work uses loaded baskets and even a rustic toolbox to hold trinkets, craft items, and more in manner.

Bookshelf desk:

Set a desk jointly with bookshelves and a peak, and you’ll have built-in storage space on together sides.

Toothbrushes to pencils:

Toothbrush holders are immense for their designed use, but in the home office, they give somebody the use of an organized and unusual air to holding pens and pencils.

Framed whiteboards:

Whiteboards are enormous for calendars and tasks, but not precisely good-looking. Dress them up by putting them in attractive frames.

Framed pegboard:

Frames can go a long method with pegboard as well; this one was painted and elegantly framed to create a great lynching space.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestCanvas doors:

If you’ve got a bad habit of shoving things into bookshelf cubbies, hide your mess by creating attractive canvas doors.

Cupboard desk:

If you’re in the market for a new desk, consider this storage-heavy twist: turning cabinets and a long workspace into a desk.

Mini magnetic pots:

Store small odds and ends like rubber bands and pins in small pots, then hang them on a magnetic wall for visual appeal.

Lazy Susan:

Fetch your Lazy Susan into the office, and find out just how accessible you can make writing utensils and tools.

A tiny double desk:

A bookshelf, table (sawed in half) and two chairs come together in this project to make an awesome home office for two.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestMason jar storage:

Locate roomy, stylish storage for small items in artfully stacked Mason jars.

Bigger can be better:

This office uses lots of accessible space, with a separate built-in bookshelf and cabinet with return, plus a desk for loads of storage with a sleek look.

Fantastic rolling file cabinet:

This mission turned an old table into a rolling file cabinet, whole with cups for pencil and tool storage.

Under the desk cord keeper:

Condition you have unattractive cords disordering up the underneath of your desk, this small wired box is an ideal solution.

Labeled cords:

Condition you’re always not remembering which cord goes with what device, this pin has a great solution: small key tags that hang on your cords as labels.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestMail call:

Previous decorated mailboxes turn into sweet office storage when they’re hung on the walls of your home office.


A simple tray can go a long system to create your office tools look more organized and inspiring.

Old metal spring organizer:

We don’t know how this person saw an old metal spring and predictable to put notebooks and mail in it, but we’re sure delighted they did.

An upcycled door:

Hung on the wall and purposefully painted with chalkboard paint, this door becomes an attractive daily command center.

Industrial steel drawers:

If you occur to see these tremendous drawers for trade, snap them up and put them to work in your home office.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestTube storage:

Keep tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, and more, and then bring them all together to make this storage solution that’s a work of art.

A small secretary desk:

Keep things little, simple, and at the back closed doors when the day is done using this secretary desk from IKEA.

Going vertical:

This office takes everything up a notch, storing small items, papers, and more on the wall in a simple, attractive way.

A closet office:

Surely not a new thought, but so helpful nevertheless, this pin has commands for installing shelving in your closet, and even turning those shelves into a inserted away home office.

Over the door bookshelves:

Sink even more storage space into your office by putting bookshelves all over the place, still over the door.

Home Office with the Help of PinterestBracket rack:

Glue a set of brackets in concert to make a fascinating magazine holder or mail sorter.

Entertainment center office:

Generate a home office that fits just about wherever with this idea: you can renovate an old amusement center into a home office command center.

Egg carton organized drawers:

A huge technique to recycle egg cartons, this pinner uses egg cartons to store scissors, batteries, pencils, and even gum.

Shadowbox storage:

Set binders, pencils, and boxes on put on show all over your walls by hanging shadowboxes.

Chalkboard calendar wall:

Various shades of grey come together to create this appealingly Zen calendar wall.

Film strip shelves:

Several of the creative shelves we’ve ever seen, these put film strips to work in a really amusing technique.

Color coded files:

While definitely not an innovative idea, this pin takes an eye-catching rainbow colored rotate on organizing your file cupboard.

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