20 Must Know Websites For Latest WordPress Hacks, Tips And Tutorials

WordPress – one of the most popular and widely used open-source blogging and content management system these days. Millions and millions of blogs and websites are build in WordPress and hundreds various communities of designers, bloggers, developers , photographers, freelancers are creating WordPress themes.

WordPress is a award-winning web software and various freelancers earning huge amount of money by developing themes, plugins, websites, Thesis customization etc on the internet. If you are such a freelancer/designer – you always look for latest tips, tricks, tutorials and hacks over the internet to expand your WordPress abilities.

Personally, there are some websites which I often visit to know latest news and other resources about WordPress community. So, in this article, I am sharing 20 must know websites for latest WordPress hacks, tips, tricks and tutorials that will offer you great help to enhance your WordPress abilities. These websites are in no particular order and you may know some while some sites are might be unknown for you.

1) WordPress

2) We love wp

3) WPBeginner

WPBeginner4) Digging Into WordPress

Digging Into WordPress

5) WP Inspiration


7) Theme Lab

8 ) WP Engineer

WP Engineer9) WP Hacks

WP Hacks10) WP Garage

11) WP Candy

12) WP Guy

13) WP Snippets

WP Snippets14) Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design

15) WpRecipes


16) WPShout


17) WordPress Arena

WordPress Arena

18) Latest WP

Latest WP

19) Do it with WordPress

Do it with WordPress

20. Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code