10 Gadgets For A High Tech Intelligent Home


After the dominance of mobile phones in one’s life, its evident that people will want more technologies to ease out the daily habits and chores. Today in this world of fast moving, fast thinking every day a new gadgets is invented, in this article we have 10 of the most extraordinary gadgets which will change your living for good.

All the products below are linked to the websites for products and you can buy them (provided its available in your area). I would personally like to have each one of them as I am a technology geek. Let us know which one these do you like the most and why.

1. Kohler’s Numi

Kohler’s most advanced toilet

I first saw this futuristic toilet gadget on Toiletable.com. It’s a toilet seat which glows in night, it opens the lid itself with motion censors. A self cleaning wand, providing three different movements to clean the dirt. It saves water and energy, and can also play music (FM and MP3), another great feature is the seat temperature which allows to comfortable seating. One more exciting feature is the hot air it relieves to comfort your feet. The price tag is also very exciting, which is about $6500 (approx..) Certainly a very cosy and costly potty instrument.

2. Wireless Weather Station

Wireless Weather Station

To check the quality of air, from our iPhone and Android is now possible. With this Wireless Weather Station the sensor device will send information about air quality, humidity, CO2 readings both indoor and outdoor. The notification center has been used in both iOS and Android devices.

3. Airocide – Air Purification Technology

Airocide - Air Purification Technology

After the sensor, we have the Air purification system which is developed by NASA. Surely one of the most revolutionary product as the air purification from Airocide will prevent asthma and other related allergies due to harmful air which we breath in. The added advantage of Airocide is its sleek design and state of art look.Also it removes the Pet orders in our home. It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so no worries about if it works or not.

4. Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Auto-mower, the original robotic lawn mower can do what it is made for. The perfect lawn is not far from your rech now. No need to worry about the delays and hours you need to spend in mowing your lawn, this product ensures piece of mind. It has a solar panel attached to it which can save a lot on electricity and battery recharging.

5. CalypsoKey – NFC for the iPhone


Calypso key is not a conventional key but its similar to remote control with iPhone to unlock doors and locks. So, it generally makes your iPhone is your key. If you ever leave your keys someplace. NFC technology ensures you don’t need any app and charging, the built -in dual band RFID antenna replaces cards with a Case.

6. Oras Eterna – Smart Shower


Conservation of water and energy is quite necessary, and if a shower can save you money as well safeguard environment’s resources then it has to be brilliant. Oras Eterna has something what I always wanted to have. Light indicators with green and red signals gives us when the ecological shower time is up. It simply is irresistible and smart.

7. Sun Table – Charge your Laptops/Phones For Free


As the name suggest this table can be charged with solar energy under Sun, to give you charging free laptops, phones, lights, radios, water purifiers and more. This is a water resistant table which comes with an inverter, regular wall outlet. It can be fully charged in 4 hours. One more great thing about this table is its disassembly and recycling. Its cost is about $2200.

8. Open Mirror – Interaction and Music


Have you ever thought how cool it would be if you have an mirror which adds music to your life. This interaction based mirror which comes any shape can be connected to your iphone or ipod and with hand motion can be controlled, this classy piece makes your time in front of mirror to be more enjoyable.

9. Zeta fireplace


Easy to carry, stylish looks what else do you need from a fireplace. Its a blend of leather, stainless steel and glass, the body is made of aluminium moulded into a arching crescent shape. Yes, its a heater with fire. I really like the look of elegant and small fireplace. You can carry it any place and set it up just like that. This looks like the next generation of the best garage heater systems, modern and masculine.

10. Winbot - Window Washing


A small robotic window cleaner for any type of glass. It determines the size of glass and makes a cleaning path. Its easy to use, place it on a window and press start, while you sit-back and and relax. It has a three stage cleaning for max efficiency, first from cleaning pad, second squeegee and third by cleaning pad wipes to a dry, spotless condition.