What Is the Value of 1 SOL? What Will Be With HBAR in 2022? 

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You might have already learned that along with Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies exist, and some of them are much more promising than the famous Bitcoin or even Ethereum. 

Take Solana, for example. It is a super fast blockchain that provides developers with an opportunity to build all the smart contract functionalities available on Ethereum. There is nothing surprising that the Solana project is becoming increasingly popular, and the SOL coin is growing in value, even though with fluctuations. Therefore, if you have SOL in your cryptocurrency portfolio, before you swap 1 SOL to USD, double-check whether you are making the right decision. 

However, while Solana is a more or less known project, there are a lot of other promising coins that might deliver you a higher ROI than you have ever expected. One of such projects that might change the world is Hedera Hashgraph, with its native coin HBAR. 

What Is Hedera Hashgraph?

The token of the Hedera Hashgraph came into limelight in 2021 when it achieved its all-time high by growing by 600% from its initial value. While such surges frequently trigger FOMO purchases, in the case of Hedera Hashgraph, investing into it might be still the right decision. Let us check why so. 

The Hedera Hashgraph is a public network. It enables the creation and support of Dapps which makes the value of the network even higher. The total supply of HBAR tokens is 50 billion which is pretty high. Users can stake HBAR to get additional income from their assets.

The network enables fast transactions with low energy consumption and low fees. These features make the network increasingly popular among developers and users. 

HBAR Price History

During the token ICO, HBAR value was 0.12 USD per one token. In 2020, its price dropped to as low as 0.01 USD. But then, a significant price surge followed when HBAR not only recovered its positions but skyrocketed to its all-time high of 0.5701 USD per one token.

HBAR Price Prediction

Now, let us have a look at HBAR price predictions to ensure that the token can be profitable to invest in the long-term. 

2022 seems to be promising for the token, all the specialists believe that the token value is going to grow and the price will be as much as 2 USD by the end of the year. Some believe in even brighter future for the token. Based on more optimistic forecasts, HBAR value might surge to above 2.5 USD per one token.

In 2023, the HBAR value is going to continue growing, even though with rare drops. By the end of 2023, the coin is expected to gain in value and grow to approx. 4 USD per one coin.

Further though the growth of HBAR price will slow down. So, by the end of 2030, the cryptocurrency is expected to reach the value of 7 USD only, and the most optimistic forecasts promise the increase to as much as 8 USD. Considering the project value, we believe that more optimistic forecasts are more probable.

Now, you might want to know how you can invest in HBAR. You can purchase the coin on LetsExchange by selling one of 360 available cryptocurrencies there. Make sure you have a wallet where the coin is going to be deposited immediately after the transaction is performed. The platform doesn’t store your coins nor does it keep your private or financial data. 

The best wallets to keep your HBAR are Ledger and Atomic wallet. The first one is a cold wallet. It is one of the safest wallets in the market. The second is a desktop wallet and is perfect for beginners. While a cold wallet is the best for storing coins, the second one is a perfect option if you are going to trade your crypto.