Learning the Crypto Trade: The Simulators You値l Find Handy


One of the current trends is crypto trading and it痴 more than just a trend. There are several digital currencies available on financial markets and they make sure to bring all kinds of benefits to users. The profit potential is one of them, but so is user anonymity and high-level security of transactions.

These and more are the reasons why lots of people are looking to trade digital currencies. You can do this in one of two ways. You can learn by buying and selling assets instinctively and this way you値l learn by trial and error. It will teach you some important lessons, but it will cost you a lot of money as you値l make various mistakes.

The second way you can learn how to trade digital currencies is via trading simulators. They feature all the popular ones and make sure to offer a virtual market where you and other learners can learn all there is to know about the trade. There are all kinds of simulators available online and they cover different skills. In other words, you値l have plenty of them to pick from. If you don稚 know where to start, then here are some suggestions:

Spark Profit

This is one of the simulators that focuses on a crucial skill to trading. In other words, Spark Profit teaches you how to predict the price of a popular virtual currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. If your predictions are correct you値l be rewarded with points. On the other hand, you値l lose points. You can either make short-term or long-term predictions. But you don稚 need any skill as you can go for an alternative. This means you can go for trading platforms that can do the job for you. Bitcoin Rush is one such platform.

As mentioned before, it can do the job for you. But for the platform to do this, you値l need to set it. This means you値l need to get familiar with its settings and how they work. You値l also need to learn the limits of the platform if it comes with fees and so on. For these reasons, you値l need to create an account and make a small deposit. Then it痴 off to the tutorials and you値l be equipped with a demo account too. When you池e done with the tutorials you値l get to your first live session and then you値l enter the real world of crypto trading.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a bit different than Spark Profit because it teaches you several skills instead of a single one. It focuses on the buying and selling aspects of crypto trading. You値l be learning how to sell all kinds of assets on a virtual market with other players. Another skill you値l learn is how to analyze the market which is essential to any crypto trader. On top of that, this simulator offers several competitions for you to test your skills. If you池e good enough you値l get the top spot and you値l be able to enjoy a prize made up of any digital currency you prefer.


This is another simulator that focuses on buying and selling various digital currencies. The ones available are the popular ones and they come with real-time prices. It痴 also worth mentioning that there is a virtual market that you can practice in CoinMarketGame.


Once you致e got the skills, then you値l need to cover some other aspects. This means going for one of the several virtual currencies online. It also means you値l need to get a proper wallet among the many ones that are available. Then you値l need to get some information on the virtual currency you致e chosen and you値l need to be in the loop so you値l react better to the ups and down in value.