Bitcoin’s Success With Obscure Niches

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Bitcoin’s immense success is recognized worldwide. The cryptocurrency might be the oldest one to ever hit the market, but that hasn’t stopped it from growing over the years to reach new heights its competitors can only dream of.

While Bitcoin’s popularity in particular fields is pretty well-known by most people, there are some niches Bitcoin thrives in that people aren’t too familiar with.

From surprisingly spooky ones that will give you the chills to entertaining ones you’ll want to check out yourself, here are a few obscure niches that Bitcoin is currently dominating.


It probably doesn’t come as a shock to learn that horror and everything related to it do pretty well with Bitcoin. Most of us are weirdly fascinated by the things that scare us, so whether it’s movies, video games, or TV shows, we love getting our kicks through enjoying spooky content.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some horror now and again, one particular horror niche that Bitcoin users seem to love tends to be a bit more out there than your usual scary thrill.

The haunted doll trend is a big hit with Bitcoin fans. Essentially, this trend consists of buying seemingly haunted dolls and items possessed by evil spirits.

We’re not ones to mess with the supernatural, so we can’t confirm whether there’s any truth to the legitimacy of the haunting claims, but if you want to check for yourself, you can get your hands on a haunted doll of your own through Etsy!

The massive online shopping platform hosts plenty of Bitcoin-friendly shops, including a few little shops of horror that sell haunted paraphernalia.


Before we even start with this niche, you should know that it’s a part of the gaming world. Knowing how expensive gaming can get today, it might be a good idea to earn some extra Bitcoin if you want to give it a shot.

Luckily, platforms like have you covered! These automated trading platforms give users a chance to earn passive Bitcoin income, no matter their experience.

Since they use advanced AI tech to automate the trading process, you can enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin trading without having to put in the hard work that’s usually associated with it!

With enough Bitcoin in your wallet, you should have no problem enjoying the magical world of the fantasy niche. As we already mentioned, the fantasy niche here mainly pops up in video games.

From the Bitcoin games trend that gives users a chance to earn coins while enjoying premium entertainment to slot games that players can test their luck on, Bitcoin thrives in every aspect of fantasy currently out there.

Of course, it’s easy to see why this is the case. We all need some escapism from time to time, and fantasy gives us entirely new worlds to explore.


Like with the other niches we’ve mentioned, it’s no surprise to see that Bitcoin and sports mix well together. Sports are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, and whether they’re watching a game of TV, playing a virtual match on a gaming console, or even enjoying a sports documentary on a streaming service, sports fans can use Bitcoin to allow themselves these opportunities.

The surprising part in the Bitcoin sports field doesn’t come from the medium people access content through, but the sports themselves!

While there’s no shortage of strange sports that people seem to enjoy, some of the most popular ones with the Bitcoin crowd are very obscure. Notably, Gaelic sports are a big hit! The reason for this might be the growing popularity of online betting sites.

Since these websites are some of the most Bitcoin-friendly services online, users are often introduced to lesser-known, but undoubtedly entertaining sporting events through them!