Bitcoin Vs Gold: The Store of Value Comparison

Bitcoin Vs Gold

The value of the BTC network is not fixed by any dividend or cash flow and metrics, to name a few that comes like a value stock. Instead, the supply and demand dynamics entirely define the BTC price. Both the buyers and sellers drive these. Nothing inherently valuable underpins the BTC network, and it remains very similar to the fiat currencies of the world that are seen leaving the norms of Gold claimed by JP Morgan experts. However, banks need to know the technology of Bitcoin that drives the value of its network, especially when it remains digital scarcity. However, we see the banks failing to work BTC technology as a driving value for the web, and it falls under virtual absence. Bitcoin is capped at 21 million BTCs, and it will take another 118 years to complete this figure. The virtual scarcity is sparked using the growth of its price, and since Covid, we have seen a good surge of the coins. However, how you compare it with Gold is an exciting debate we will cover. For details, you can anytime visit the portal – Profit Builder.

Bitcoin Vs. Gold – What’s the difference between the two? 

As per the JPMorgan expert, there are several ways. Bitcoin is compared with Gold. We will discuss these factors; how about checking them as under:


If you check the two on this factor, Bitcoin scores an edge over the yellow metal. The virtual currency remains intact, and no one can destroy it. You need help finding someone perishing the money. It will sustain in the given virtual network that happens to be decentralized, and it is very tough to destroy in the market. When you compare Gold with BTC, both are durable, but the former has the edge over the latter.


If you check Bitcoin in the market, it is very simple to transport and store. You can easily handle a large number of Bitcoins and even transfer them quickly without even caring to store them in any tab or phone. However, this differs from Gold as it is more expensive to carry from one place to another. It has a reasonable cost that can attract anti-social elements behind you, thus ruining the same.


Bitcoin remains fungible and interchangeable when we compare it to other Bitcoins. Gould, in particular, remains fungible and thus is much better than other expensive metals and stones like diamonds. However, these should have different features and qualities that can influence the value. As per JPMorgan man, Gold is found with different shapes and measures apart from the factors like 24 and 48 carats to give different values. However, this is different with Bitcoin, as it comes straight and straightforward.

Divisibility and scarcity 

The following two important factors to check include divisibility and scarcity. Bitcoin is simple to divide, and you can even divide up to eight decimal places. Thus you can even have a one-hundredth or thousandth portion of the currency that can fall below 00.5 USD in the market. However, this is the case with Gold, as it is not divisible to such an extent, as accuracy is a big challenge. Bitcoin comes along with a finite number of tokens. The coin is now capped with 21 million remaining in the market till 2140. It requires another 118 years to complete the same and is expected to come along with a finite amount. But if we talk about the price of Gold, it would rise, and then the supply would come at the best.

Validation and Censorship

If we talk about Bitcoin, it is validated with transactions that are recorded over the technology known as Blockchain. It is publicly seen coming along with this view, and then we have the difference. Gold is validated with the forged with the diluted and purity, thus making its value a more questionable value that remains in the market. Now, if we talk about the issue of being free from censorship, that can help us gain insight into the two. No entity about the same can help in lasting influence over virtual currency users. As we see, Bitcoin is coming along with the censorship with the resistance that can allow people to come along with the governments. And then, corporations can help with the restriction seen in the transfer of Gold. It comes with history.