Bitcoin Online Gambling in the USA

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Cryptocurrency has become the most prominent alternative to currency worldwide at present. It can be used in purchasing goods, services, stakes, and other forms of Igaming.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is the pioneer among all crypto and until now is considered the most trusted and famous. Bitcoin can be used in monetary transactions including online casinos such as Bitcoin casino Vibez for faster and more efficient dealings with minimal fees or none at all depending on the casino site.

Online Gambling in the US

Wagering in the USA has always been a dream to many especially if you bet in Las Vegas the gambling capital. Local and offshore gamblers travel to Nevada to experience the glitz and glamour of their casinos. However, not all cities in the US legalize gambling and it depends on the state which includes an online casino.

Here are the lists of States which allow wagering online.

       New York


       New Jersey




West Virginia









States which considers online betting to be legalized:




Bitcoin Wagering

All crypto regulations must be decided by Malta which includes MDIA, ITAS, VFA, and blockchain laws. The European Union is the first to legalize cryptocurrency acts at the forefront of the cryptocurrency movement.

In the US, there are no laws that prohibit Bitcoin or any form of cryptocurrency in online gambling which makes it more advantageous on the side of the market in the country.

The Edge of Bitcoin wagering in the US

Bitcoin protects the identity of the user which is absolutely positive. The player is automatically anonymous once they use bitcoin compared to traditional wallets especially credit cards wherein all data of the player is exposed online. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use any form of crypto in online wagering, especially bitcoin.

Security is another factor that makes Bitcoin casinos safe. Cryptocurrency by nature is using Blockchain technology which ensures payment security from cyber thieves and hackers.

The most important part is the payout. Bitcoin has the most efficient monetary transaction compared to other methods. After the players bitcoin link has been linked to the casino wallet, the numbers and letters will be automatically generated especially if you already have a history of the said transaction.

Steps in using Bitcoin in the Casino Site

It is simple to link your payment casino scheme to bitcoin provided that you already have an existing Bitcoin wallet. Here are the easy steps in funding your casino account with Bitcoin.

  • Sign in to your casino site then go to the cashier.
  • Choose Bitcoin as your payment method.
  • Key in your wallet address and number (if you already have a Bitcoin wallet, you will be provided a key. It is a must that you must lose it.)
  • Choose the amount you wish to deposit.
  • You can start playing immediately after funding the account.

What players can enjoy in a Bitcoin casino

 Besides the convenience casino gamblers can enjoy the following factors such as:

         Diverse games

Online casinos offer typical casino games but since they are played online, it has additional perks such as graphics, fantastic sounds, and can be accessed by an AI. The majority of the US casino site offers the




Video Poker




It is known that online betting sites are more generous than land-based casinos because of their higher odds and cash back percentages plus a wide variety of bonuses which is the reason why it is very easy to get the winning prize. Bitcoin online casinos offer to reload deals and free spins in some games which would certainly make the wagering experience more exciting.

The downside of Bitcoin Casino

There is some catch in using cryptocurrency despite its advantages.

o  All banks do not support cryptocurrency so it needs to be exchanged thru fiat currency and only then you can use it in normal bank transactions.

o  No country worldwide uses cryptocurrency.

o  Not all casino sites use Bitcoin.

o  The value of Bitcoin depends upon the supply and demand, government regulations, and other factors thus it is not stable.


Bitcoin casino is already established in some major nations and is already making its own name in the US. Though there may be some downside to it, it is not a hindrance and will not affect the player and the industry that much. Its still a win-win situation.