Bose Sports Open Earbuds: Alternative to in-ear headphones

Bose Sports Open Earbuds are not worn in the ear, but directly over it. “Which fitness tracker is the best?” no longer to hear this.

Bose presented new headphones on Tuesday: The Open Sport Earbuds are designed to listen to music while exercising – but they work differently from all headphones you are already familiar with.

At first glance, the new Bose Sport Open Earbuds might seem like in-ear headphones. However, they are a bit big. Instead of in the ear, the Bose headphones should sit slightly above the ear.

According to the manufacturer, this has several advantages: the headphones neither press the auricle nor cover the ear. The wearer can continue to perceive his surroundings, for example, the traffic or the company while jogging. The headphones are held by an ergonomic bracket that is clamped behind the ear.

Bose Sports Open Earbuds are Sports

As the name suggests, the Sport-Open headphones have been specially developed for workouts. The manufacturer promises that the earbuds neither push nor slip despite their unusual design. Each headphone also weighs only 14 grams and is IPX4 certified. Sweat, heat, rain or snow cannot harm the technology.

Although the Bose Sports Open sits slightly above the auricle, the music played should only be heard by the wearer. For this purpose, Bose has developed what is known as OpenAudio technology, which only directs the sound in the wearer’s direction.

A microphone system is integrated for making phone calls to isolate your voice from background noise and enable clear conversations. The smartphone’s connection is via Bluetooth 5.1. The headphones are operated via a button on each of the two buds. According to Bose, the battery life is up to 8 hours.

The Bose Open Sport Earbuds can already be pre-ordered in the USA for 199.95 US dollars, with delivery scheduled to start in mid-January. Prices and a release date for Germany have not yet been communicated.