Upcoming Bollywood Movies This Diwali Will Give You An Ultimate Treat

This Diwali, Bollywood has got ultimate surprises for you. Here is the list for upcoming Bollywood movies that will give you another treat apart from Diwali. Bollywood is famous for its realistic movie plots showing the reality of society. The beauty, the surreal life. We have some of the best actors of the millennium showing the good as well as the evil side of the society.

This Diwali, three upcoming movies are going to make your Diwali more fun and inspirational.

Saand Ki Aankh

This movie is a retelling of the true story of two legendary women shooters. In the lead role is Taapsee Pannu as Prakashi Tomar and Bhumi Pednekar as Chandro Tomar. Depicting the inspiring journey of Chandro and Prakashi, two elderly women who upended society’s perception of gender roles to win 352 medals each in the course of their veteran professional life.

Made In China

Starring Rajkumar Rao as a middle-aged Gujarati businessman and Mouni Roy. Dejected and disappointed by his failures, he moves to China looking for better prospects. Not knowing the unusual and comical journey he embarks himself on. This Gujarati businessman finds his way to success.

Zindagi Tumse

Yet another encouraging but sad movie about a lady after her husband passes away. Raises her children and feeds them, educates them. And when the circumstances get reversed, when her children become eligible to earn, dump her into an old age home.

All these three movies are getting released on the 25th of October. Let’s see what twitter has to say about all these movies:

So who is gonna celebrate a successful and happy upcoming movies’ Bollywood Diwali let us wait and watch? And celebrate a very clean and air and noise pollution-free Diwali. Watching out for animals to be very safe because they have a right to live too.

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