Leonardo DiCaprio net worth and other details


Leonardo DiCaprio is an artist in the American film industry, and also a producer. Leonardo DiCaprio net worth is valued at U.S. Dollars 245 million. It will amount to around 1580.75 crores in Indian currency.

His first strong impression was in the “Growing Pains” season, preceded by a big biopic called “This Boy’s Life” and received significant public recognition. He has produced a large number of successful hits after that. As for good, Leonardo is also a big fundraiser. A considerable amount of Leonardo DiCaprio net worth is contributed to numerous charity programs worldwide.

Let’s have a look at Leonardo DiCaprio net worth and earnings in past years.

2017$43Million USD
2016$53 Million USD
2015$45 Million USD
2014$40 Million USD
2013$38 Million USD

Much of their profits, in case of any artists, rely on audience support. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the movie world’s most popular stars. In addition to directing, Mr. DiCaprio is also a film producer and owns various businesses around the globe. Therefore, we can be very sure that Leonardo DiCaprio net worth will continue to grow through the years.

Let us have a glimpse about Leonardo and his life!

Unless you enjoy Hollywood movies, you might already know some interesting facts about Leonardo DiCaprio, as described in Leonardo DiCaprio was raised in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, the U.S.A. on September 11, 1974. His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s passion for acting is evident when he started acting in the “Growing Pains” season.

Finding a Hollywood Movies Fan whose collection of preferences does not include a film in which Leonardo DiCaprio has appeared is very complicated.  Some of the impressive films helped for the growth of Leonardo DiCaprio net worth are as follows:

  •  Titanic, 1997
  •  The Revenant, 2015
  •  The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013
  • Inception, 2010
  •  Catch Me If You Can, 2002
  •  The Departed, 2006
  •  The Aviator, 2004
  • Blood Diamond, 2006
  • Gangs of New York, 2002

Leonardo DiCaprio is very environmentally-friendly and has implemented many pollution-free and environment-friendly initiatives.

There’s a mystery behind why they named him Leonardo. While his mother was pregnant, when she was standing before Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, he heard the baby’s movement for the first time.

Leonardo DiCaprio stays single till date.

It is a short and attention-seeking tale about Leonardo DiCaprio’s life that is so interesting! We wish him more prosperity & fortune in the years ahead!

Details about the assets Leonardo has!

  • Home: Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio in Oriole Way Compound, Los Angeles, has a beautiful house. He also maintains an apartment in Lower Manhattan, New York, in the TriBeCa area. He has also bought an island in Belize. He still maintains a property in River house.
  • Vehicles: Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, like most actors, has an extensive collection of cars. He holds the world’s best labels. A few are Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, and Mercedes.
  • Average film remuneration: He receives between $23 million to $25 million in films. He is part of the list of very few actors who have passed the 20 + million mark per picture. Thus, Leonardo DiCaprio net worth grows in leaps and bounds.

The early life of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 11th November 1974, in Los Angeles, California. He has no family, and his father is an artist/distributor of comic books.

Leonardo went to Seeds Elementary School and John Marshall High School a few blocks away, after four years of study at the Los Angeles Institute for Enriched Studies. He spent time with his family in Germany as well, when he was younger.

Leonardo William DiCaprio is an American director, author, and environmentalist. He has also played prominent roles, particularly in biopics and period movies. Since going on to the script, he continued on TV, earning an Oscar nomination for his appearance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). DiCaprio appeared in the epic drama Titanic by James Cameron in 1997, which made him a star. The star has also worked for several films with legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, including The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006). His latest works include Inception (2010), Django Unchained (2012), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), and The Revenant (2015)

Booming Career behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s growing net worth

The success of DiCaprio started with his role in a variety of advertisements and instructional films. Romeo & Juliet was one of the first significant films Leonardo had starred. He also appeared in The Beach and Titanic within the next few years.

The three of these films put him on the map and also increased Leonardo DiCaprio net worth, and the early 2000’s guaranteed him many more positions and profits. DiCaprio has shown real dedication to each of his views, and this devotion has only evolved with his maturity, quite honestly.

More notably, in The Revenant’s shooting, he did many things for which more people will use props. He slept in real animal carcasses, for example, and ate raw bison liver.

Where does Leonardo DiCaprio spend his net worth?

As far as on-screen acting talent is concerned, Leonardo DiCaprio has proven to be talented in many capacities, including a wide range of films and parts, including Titanic, The Aviator, and The Wolf of Wall Street. He’s been a star in 32 movies and eight shows in terms of the number of appearances, all while making another 18 separate movies and shows. It is quite clear that Leo has a long list of accomplishments, and with those successes, you may anticipate a substantial Leonardo DiCaprio net worth to come.

Given the ambiently persistent public position of the guy, it is a mystery worth unraveling how precisely the actor invests his coin. Private jet, or private plane not? Is it a Lambos and Ferraris workshop or a Teslas and model house? Here’s how the cool man we have come to know earns and invests Leonardo DiCaprio net worth in a variety of roles.

Breakdown of Leonardo DiCaprio net worth

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, USD 25 million per picture.
  •  Back in 2000, DiCaprio overtook the USD 20 million per film limit.
  • Inception saw DiCaprio pull in US$ 59 million (including compensation and all worldwide gross + portion in D.V.D. and pay-T.V. revenue) An unspecified endorsement deal as a long time Tag Heuer representative.
  • DiCaprio is also a Chinese electric car company brand ambassador of B.Y.D.
  • The man’s primary income is still from the video, unlike George Clooney.
  • Gross estimated Leonardo DiCaprio net worth of AUD 346 million.

Loves to spend on

  •  He also donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society around $1 million out of Leonardo DiCaprio net worth.
  • He purchased electric vehicles from the first wave of Tesla & Fisker Karma, both about $100,000.
  • M / Y Topaz, DiCaprio regularly charters a USD 678 million superyacht.
  • The guy owns an extensive collection of art. He also purchased a $125,000 artwork by Ed Ruscha as part of a charity auction to raise money for the Haiti relief funds.
  • He holds’ Casablanca’ piano. He enjoys his games, purchasing baseball and basketball passes for the seasons, not to mention paying out for the Fifa World Cup and the UEFA Champions League Finals.
  •   He builds an eco-resort in Belize.
  •   He has since swapped in his private Gulfstream plane to satisfy opponents of carbon footprint.
  • He billed a motza for ‘Wizard of Oz” ruby slippers
  •     He dropped significant cash on his unique set of Star Wars action figures.
  •   Rumored to purchase Sulcata Tortoise, a 10-year-old-you heard that correctly. He’s a fan of tropical mascots.

Controversies related to Leonardo

He was severely injured in 2005 when he was hit over the head by a broken bottle at a Hollywood nightclub by a model named Aretha Wilson. Wilson, though claiming her innocence, said that she suspected that Mr. DiCaprio was, in truth, an ex-boyfriend who had raped her. DiCaprio required 17 stitches on his neck and ear to gash the gashes. Wilson eventually pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2010 to two years in jail.

The physical appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio which led to immense growth in Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth

The height of Leonardo DiCaprio is 183 Cm, and6’0 “Inches. The weight of Leonardo DiCaprio is 75 kgs/(165 lbs). Leonardo DiCaprio’s body measurements are chest-42 Inches, Waist-34 Inches, Biceps-14 Inches, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s shoe size is 10 (U.S.). Blue is the color of Leonardo DiCaprio Face, and Blonde is the colour of Skin.

About the family of Leonardo DiCaprio

Family of Leonardo DiCaprio The father’s name of Leonardo DiCaprio is George DiCaprio, and he is a journalist. The name of Leonardo DiCaprio is Irmelin Indenbirken, and Peggy Farrar (stepmother). Leonardo DiCaprio has no sisters, and his brother is Adam Farrar

Leonardo DiCaprio’s General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) Training Qualification, he achieved on Revised early. Leonardo DiCaprio graduated from Seeds Elementary School (now UCLA Lab Prep), Los Angeles, California, John Marshall High School, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles Institute for Enriched Learning.

His parents are also Irmelin, a comic book artist and former secretary of justice and George. It was called Leonardo DiCaprio, and when he first jumped into her vagina, Ermeline was standing in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrait. Then his parents are separated when DiCaprio is one year old.

Instead, as he is in touch with his mother, he lives with his mom. He’s got a demi pal. Who is Adam Ferrar’s father, and was influenced when Leonardo became an artist. Adam Ferrer is now a star and distributor of films.

Hobbies and interests of Leonardo DiCaprio

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, & Jack Nicholson are Leonardo DiCaprio’s favourite actors. And the celebrity favorite is Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hobbies are Collecting Action Figures, Playing Video Games then Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite food is Pasta, Lemonade.

Awards won by Leonardo DiCaprio

  • He made his film career debut when he appeared as Josh in Critters 3 (1991). He appeared in the film adaptation of the novel This Boy’s Life (1993) and earned praise for his supporting role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) and his first Academy Award nomination.
  • He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor–Motion Picture Drama from DiCaprio’s portrayals of Howard Hughes in The Aviator (2004) and Hugh Glass in The Revenant (2015). His role in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) as Jordan Belfort earned him the Golden Globe award for Best Actor–Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. With his role in The Revenant, he has received the Academy Award for Best Actor and the BAFTA Prize.

Some lesser-known facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., on 11th November 1974. Leonardo DiCaprio is 45 years old as of 2020.
  • His father’s name is George DiCaprio, and his mother’s name is Irmelin Indenbirken.
  •  His parents divorced while still a child. DiCaprio was raised mostly by his mother, a German-born legal secretary.
  •  DiCaprio remained close to his father, a comic-book artist, and distributor, despite the early breakup of his parents.
  • DiCaprio pursued his creative side with the encouragement of his mother and established an early curiosity in acting.
  • DiCaprio had told Backstage that he wanted to mimic men and that he loved to play with his parents and create different characters. Further, he also loved to do his own little, improvised skits. But in Hollywood, he had not had any exposure until he entered his early teens.
  • DiCaprio was having trouble finding an employer for years. One director also suggested that DiCaprio change his name to Lenny Williams to improve his appeal. The emerging performer nevertheless started landing regular television jobs by the early 1990s.
  •   DiCaprio’s first role on television was in Romper Room, a children’s T.V. series, but he got shot for being too noisy.
  • DiCaprio was called after the poet Leonardo da Vinci after the first time she thought his pregnant mother hit him stood in front of one of the drawings by da Vinci. She wasn’t right posing in front of a Warhol. Andy DiCaprio has no quite the same sound to it.
  •  At the age of 19, DiCaprio was the seventh youngest actor ever nominated for 1994 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Academy Award for his performance. It would take DiCaprio nearly two decades to achieve it.

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