When BMW-driven industrialists rode bullock carts to work

When BMW-driven industrialists rode bullock carts to work

It was a strange sight at the Palada industrial area near Indore, the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh, where industrialists who usually go around on expensive cars like Audi, and BMWs, were seen riding bullock carts to reach their factory.

The incident happened on Saturday at Palada, about seven km from Indore city.

The roads there are in bad shape for many years. They turn muddy even in slight rain and it becomes extremely difficult to drive through or walk easily on them.

In protest against the poor condition of the roads, factory owners and other officials working in Palada Industrial area left their expensive cars and reached their factory riding on bullock carts which usually transport goods.

Pictures and videos of industrialists riding on the bullock carts to the factory have now gone viral on the social media. In the video, industrialists with laptop bags hanging from their shoulders and iPhones in hand are seen riding the bullock cart through the muddy roads.

Of those who chose this form of transport were Pramod Jain, President of Palda Industrial Organization, secretary Harish Nagar and Ramesh Patel among others. It was their way to protest against the poor condition of roads and to draw the attention of the authorities.

Narendra Saluja, media coordinator of Congress state President Kamal Nath, has tweeted the photos to draw the attention of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to the problem during his proposed visit to the city on Monday.

He said, “Shivraj ji, kindly pay attention to the condition of the roads of Palada Industrial Area where industrialists, troubled by mud-pits on the road, are leaving their cars and going on bullock carts.”

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