What does 2022 hold for Business IT??

Business IT

Entering a new year is often a time where we speculate over what the following months will hold and in the world of technology and IT this is always an exciting prospect. IT and technology are some of the most rapidly growing fields in the business world these days it is nearly impossible to run a business without out IT. We spoke with TechQuarters, an IT Services Company London based businesses trust to manage their IT infrastructures, about what trends to expect in 2022 for business IT and technology.

Hyper automation

Hype automation has been a steadily growing trend since the beginning of 2021, and it is set to stay that way throughout 2022. By setting out rules for a machine such as a computer or server to follow, we can enable these machines to complete tasks that would usually require the input of a person this saves time, as machines can usually complete digital tasks much quicker than people can; and it means that personnel are free to perform other tasks.

The level at which automation can be implemented is constantly being developed. Where it used to be that we would have to automate one task at a time, we became able to automate whole processes containing multiple tasks. Now, we can automate multiple interconnected processes simultaneously both automatically and upon trigger. Soon, hype automation could be implemented at a business ecosystem level.

Cloud Tech Innovation

Cloud technology isnt going anywhere anytime soon; in fact, it has proven to be indispensable to many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, because it is a crucial technology for implementing and supporting working-from-home, and hybrid working scenarios. In 2022, expect a range of emerging technologies to become more widely used. Technologies such as containerization which makes it possible to package an entire application, and all its dependencies, into a container that can be distributed easily across an organisation.

The way in which business use cloud services is set to change as well hybrid cloud setups, which utilize both public and private clouds, offer much more versatility for businesses; multi-cloud setups in turn offer greater data redundancy. If you are unsure where to begin when making this move, heres some help; say you live in the UK, there are a lot of Managed IT Support London Solutions out there that can help you to migrate to the cloud and make use of it in the best way.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the largest and most quickly growing resources in the world with relation to IT Support and IT is data. Daily, over 2 million terabytes of data is produced all over the world from a variety of sources. As valuable as data is, it is also unusable at such volumes, because manual workers just dont have the time, energy, or attention to detail to be able to sift through all of it and make meaning from it. This is where artificial intelligence comes in.

Practices such as Machine Learning utilize AI to be able to process huge volumes of data in seconds; it can then go about the process of analysing and identifying insights from all that data. Machine Learning can be used this way to all sorts of ends for example, it is already being used to perform meta-analyses of cancer studies, in order to gain insights that may have been missed. It can be used in more everyday ways, for example by small to medium sized businesses AI and business intelligence is becoming more accessible to smaller organisations, meaning in 2022, more and more companies will be able to make smarter decisions around the direction of their business. There are a number of companies in the UK who use IT Services London Solutions which focus on AI and helping to mesh the world of AI tech into your business and how it operates.