What Are The Most And Least Effective Types Of Marketing Content?

Marketing Content

Are you interested in using various types of content and link-building strategies to attract consumers to your website? Then itís wise to take a look below at the most and least effective ways to create and use content for marketing.

Static Images

Many experts say that one of the most effective forms of content for marketing your products and services is images. Content that users see that tells a story often works the best to sell products.

Images grab the viewerís attention like nothing else and can be shared almost instantly. Itís estimated that a tweet with a picture can produce 300 times more engagement than a text-only one. Also, putting several high-impact images on your blog post can garner DOUBLE your social media shares!

Images also are inexpensive to make, no matter if youíre a skilled digital content producer or not. The Internet is full of free resources for finding and editing pictures. With some practice, you can customize your images to move your product and services.

Written Content

The next type of marketing content that works Ė when executed well Ė is marketing content. Some of the most popular and effective forms are white papers and blog posts.

A huge reason that written content is Ďthe thingí is that almost anyone can do it; whether itís done effectively is another matter, however.

But generally, marketing with blogging is a proven strategy to market products and services. Some marketing authorities claim that blog posts drive sales more than any other medium.

However, creating a sales-driving post is about more than incredible writing. You also need to do fantastic planning, so the better you plan the post, the better the results will be.

Writing excellent blog posts means optimizing them with powerful meta descriptions and dramatic headlines that push people to learn more.

And donít forget, you need to talk up your posts on your social media channels many times for people to take notice.

Marketers love compelling blog posts because they can be customized and reused. And they can produce huge profits over time.

GIFs And Audio Files

Some marketers say that podcasts are effective for marketing content. The same goes with GIFs. But they arenít as effective as the items we mentioned above.

There is evidence that GIFs produce sales on Twitter. However, forget about posting a GIF on Instagram, for instance, and modifying them can be more complex than a plain image.

Audio also may hit limitations; thereís a more significant barrier to learning how to produce and edit this format. Plus, planning, recording, and editing your podcast can take lots of time.


Many people spend all day watching videos. So, you may think that a video is a highly effective way to sell products and services. About that…

While social media giant Facebook has dropped megabucks into making video the all-time champion of online marketing content, many marketers doubt its effectiveness. Whyís that?

First, the technology barrier for the newbie is high. Planning, shooting, and editing a professional video takes excellent skill and equipment. Also, there are challenges in using a marketing video effectively. Determining whether itís helping to move product isnít easy, also.

As much time and money as it takes to produce high-quality videos, the chances that itíll make a healthy ROI are mixed, at best.

What Not To Do With Any Type Of Marketing Content

So, you know what some of the most and least effective forms of marketing content are. But what is one of the things you shouldnít do with the content if you want results?

Many say that companies that donít carefully track their marketing results get unsatisfactory outcomes. If you donít track the results, you could make the same mistakes repeatedly and get mediocre results. Plus, if you donít track what youíre doing, you wonít know the most effective ones.

When you track your marketing results, you can quickly pinpoint what works and what doesnít. So use some of the highly-rated marketing content forms above, and track your results with care!