Ways To Feel Confident In Your Freight Shipping Supply Chain During Covid

If you’re a business or a company that relies on freight shipping you might be finding that supply chains are difficult right now as the coronavirus pandemic causes lockdown and shelter in places across the country. There have also been complications in the supply chains for shipping as some items have been deemed “essential over other items that your company needs to be shipped.

Currently with the coronavirus being all across United States you may also worry about the members and staff that work with in your warehouse from dealing with freight suppliers who drive all over the country.  Follow a couple of the tips below to ensure that your warehouse employees remain safe as they interact with truck drivers who could be coming from anywhere in the nation.

How To Keep Your Warehouse Employees Safe

Have your employees take the supplies to the back of the truck without interacting with the driver. Occasionally truck drivers in the freight supply chain will assist with loading up the next order, but have your warehouse employees move maintain 6 feet of distance between the truck driver if the truck driver does offer to help pack your cargo. This will help keep your employees safe will also allowing the truck driver to not possibly catch a virus or cold from one of your own employees

Request That The Truck Driver Wears A Mask

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that  a truck driver might have to come into an office to use the bathroom or to talk to a logistics manager at your warehouse. This is completely all right if you request they wear a mask while they’re anywhere on the premises within a closed space. This will help ensure that none of your employees will end up catching the virus from a truck driver who is a part of the freight supply chain. This is imperative because if multiple employees within your warehouse are found to have the coronavirus, then the warehouse will end up being shut down which will cost you large amounts of revenue.

Wipe Down Any Metal Surface A Truck Driver Touched

If a truck driver does enter the premises of your warehouse once they’re gone back on the road, have someone immediately from your warehouse wipe down any metal surfaces that the truck driver may have touched. Studies have shown that the coronavirus can live for 2 to 3 days on metal surfaces. Therefore any door handles, faucets, or bars could be susceptible to contain the virus for several days after a truck driver has passed through. Also if the truck driver entered a closed space of the warehouse premises, have an employee sprayed Lysol into the air where the truck driver was. Respiratory droplets of the virus can survive in the air for half an hour or so. Lysol will kill the majority of the virus droplets that would remain.

Follow these tips to keep your freight supply moving during times of lockdown.

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