Ways The IPL Team Owners Make Money

Owners of IPL teams spend a lot of money to buy players for their teams. With the tremendous amount of money involved in IPL, it is hard to ignore the financial aspect of this cricket event. However, have you ever given a thought to how these investors earn money from the most popular cricket league in the world? If yes, then this is for you to know. There are multiple ways to make money from IPL teams, but we are discussing some of the significant sources of income only.


The primary source of income for teams comes from sponsors. The logos on the players’ jerseys, training kits, and the ads on the boundaries are a part of sponsorship income. The logos that are printed on the chest area are considered to be the most expensive places for the sponsors.

Media rights

Media rights are also a fixed source of income for IPL franchises. BCCI collects all the revenue from broadcasters and shares it with the teams. In addition to this, teams can also charge for the different shows they make during the IPL season.

Ticket sales

Ticket sales are there to help home teams to earn some revenue. Again, though, A fixed portion of the money earned from tickets is given to the BCCI and sponsors of that team as per the agreement.

Prize money

The team that wins IPL and the runners-up get a significant amount of prize money which varies in every edition of IPL. Mumbai Indians received Rs. 40 Crores once they won as the prize money in 2015.

Merchandise sales

Each team tries to make money and benefit of the popularity of IPL by selling merchandise, including caps, wristwatches, tees, and so on.

Stall rentals

The stalls that are set up during IPL matches have to pay big money, out of which the home team collects a fixed part on per stall per match basis.