‘US Covid deaths 6 times more than other high-income nations’

‘US Covid deaths 6 times more than other high-income nations’

The number of deaths caused by COVID-19 in the United States since July is six times the average rate in other high-income countries, a US news website said.

Among the 83 countries and regions included in the World Bank’s list of “high-income economies,” the US is “one of very few” that have failed to control the virus since the pandemic erupted, according to a report by AXIOS.

Since July 1, 75 per cent of all new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 69 per cent of all deaths recorded in the rich countries occurred in the United States, which accounts for 27 per cent of the group’s population, it said.

Basing its report on statistics from the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University, AXIOS said other wealthy countries and regions have suffered pandemic peaks or sharp increases in cases and deaths as “terrifying” as America’s, Xinhua news agency reported.

However, the US remains “an exception,” since “it was hit so hard so early, and has never truly recovered,” the report said.

So far, America suffers the second highest spike in daily new cases in the world, only behind India. Of the 10 countries currently recording the highest daily increases, the United States is the only high-income country, it added.

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