Top VoIP Features That Can Support Your Business


VoIP is a great option over traditional phones for any business. Whether you have a physical business with employees in house or manage remote employees, all businesses can benefit from utilising VoIP technology. This is more than just technology that can make phone calls; it offers so many different features that you simply canít get when you choose the traditional approach to communications. The goal here is to show you some of the best features that you can access with VoIP so that you can see how your business can benefit from it.

Automated Attendant

Donít have a receptionist? The automatic attendant feature is the perfect alternative to having a receptionist, especially if you donít necessarily have a physical office. This feature will answer all of the incoming calls, then sending them to the appropriate person or extension using the call routing rules that were setup. For the basic version of this, you can get things like a selection of hold music options and prerecorded messages. For premium options, you can invest in features like customisable greetings or the ability to route any calls to several different numbers. The basic option is typically used for home businesses or freelancers that get a lot of calls. The premium option is perfect for larger businesses with more employees to manage.


What this feature does is sends any voicemails that you receive to your email as .WAV files. This is an easier and more convenient way for you to check your voicemails without having to go through the work of logging into the phoneís voicemail inbox. The voicemails are organised and archived in such a way that you can very easily find them in your inbox. This can be a great tool for remote workers or workers that are away on vacation or other time off so that they can stay up-to-date with everything.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding can be such a great tool because it makes sure that any call that comes in will get answered. As soon as the feature gets activated on a specific phone number/extension, the phone call will automatically be forwarded to another number or extension. Lost calls mean lost business, so call forwarding is such an important tool to make sure that you donít lose any customers. It should be important to know that this doesnít mean that the phone wonít go to voicemail, but it can certainly reduce the likelihood of that happening.

Remote Office

Is there a storm where it isnít safe for people to come into the office? Do you just manage all remote employees? The remote office feature is perfect for your business for a variety of different reasons. The remote office feature allows people to manage their daily operations even from home, using their own personal number, so the caller ID shows the employees as if they were actually in the office.

Call Recording

Using VoIP, you can access the call recording feature. What this does is record calls for reference and/or training purposes. The calls can be setup to record either for the entire company or you can just record calls for specific individuals or on-demand. With some VoIP options, you may even find a cloud storage feature to store all of these recordings, so that you arenít wasting any valuable space on your network. This can be a particularly important feature to use if you work in sales or customer service to save any important conversations. You may even find that this feature is even more useful if you invest in HD calling.

Integrates with Other Business Tools

Many VoIP features (https://apexpbx.com/features/) allow you to integrate your data with business tools, such as ones that create support tickets and emails. This allows you to keep all records more centralised and allows people to easily share this information across teams. This can be a great tool if you have employees that work remotely or you have a lot of employees in that specific department. With more advanced options, you are able to connect your caller information with your CRM software, allowing your customer service agents to access in-call tracking without having to search through an external call log. These are just some of the business tools that you can integrate VoIP with.


VoIP is a cost-effective business telephone system solution that can also offer your business a lot of great features. These features can help your company be even more successful and can help your teams work more efficiently.