Top 11 Agricultural Apps You’d Like to Use for Farming Business

Top 11 Agricultural Apps You’d Like to Use for Farming Business

Farming Business

In our modern world of vastly developing technologies, agriculture software development services are an integral part of companies that operate in this industry. There were days when farmers of small farms and big companies conducted their agribusiness activities without any assistive devices, and all fieldwork was done manually.

Everything started to change long before 2020 with the evolution of farming applications that enabled small and large businesses to switch to digitally-driven agricultural practices. Moreover, Business Insider claims that blockchain and IoT will also soon invade the industry.

To add clarity to this quickly evolving industry, we will demonstrate the best apps for farming, explain the usefulness of their features, and explain how farming businesses may benefit from using them in 2021 and beyond.

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1.   Farm Hand

You may think that farming applications are mainly designed to help in cultivation, but they can have many different functionalities. This mobile platform enables farmers to post jobs and find people across the world to do fieldwork. It works similarly to typical job-seeking applications where the employer indicates the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to do a particular job. A list of positions includes, but is not limited to, Machinery operators, Croppers, Livestock experts, and Farm Managers. Due to the GPS feature, farmers can find employees nearby, see their profile descriptions, reviews from previous companies, and even assign candidates to do a particular job on a specific date.

2.   Ag Butler

This is another agriculture app that gives the American rural economy a boost by helping farmers find laborers. It works based on the “ride-sharing” principle and connects farm owners to potential candidates. Numerous filters facilitate the search, including GPS-tracking, a rating section, experience, and pricing for services, and farmers can indicate the period of work, hourly payment, and full descriptions of responsibilities for farm management activities. This app’s development has changed the search for workers, saving time versus using platforms with all vacancy types.


3.   Tractor Zoom

This application is a magical stick for farmers with an underinvested farm business. A lot of expensive equipment is required for different agricultural practices: tractors, cultivators, irrigators, among others. Consequently, for a small farm to have all this machinery, they need enormous capital. Tractor Zoom is a platform where auctioneers sell farming equipment for smart costs. The platform allows farmers to search across the country or by specific location, find an inventory of wanted equipment by model, see the specifications, and offer a price. This innovative app helps small agricultural companies from a money-saving aspect and saves them time searching for specific machinery.

4.   AkerScout

AkerScout is an excellent solution for finding damage and threats on the field. A farmer uploads vegetation images (best results are achieved with high-resolution shoots), and the software identifies pests, plant diseases, and other disturbances. The program generates the results, showing (in percent) the health of crops, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and possible infections.  Like other farmer mobile apps, AkerScout has a notification system that informs a farmer about the results of scouting and gives a list of recommendations for problem elimination.

5.   Crop Nutrient Advisor

CNA is an agriculture application that provides an instant hand for farmers to detect the deficiency of nutrients on crops. For a significant number of crop types, the best way to keep a record of the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve maximum growth is to use a mobile farm assistant. If plants don’t get the necessary nutrition during growth, the consequences for farmers can be devastating. Moreover, the purpose of fertilization is to feed not only the plants but also soil to be suitable for future crops.

6.   FarmLogs

One of the top commonly-used and recognized farm planning apps is Farm Logs. It is an enormous platform for calculating the seeds and costs involved, tracking marketing success, and keeping a record of field health. This application contains several products such as Lite, Essentials, Business, and Add-Ons. Each of these packages has numerous features that help both small and large companies conduct their farming practices with ease. FarmLogs Lite presents a set of functionalities from soil maps to rainfall consequence. FarmLogs Essentials deals with satellite imagery to generate detailed and thorough field analysis. While these two products do not necessarily apply to big companies, FarmLog Business has a rich set of tools to promote, implement marketing strategies, and estimate costs for the farm to achieve significant revenues and deliver customer satisfaction across the world.

7.   AgWorld

AgWorld is a tool that has changed farming activities by eliminating risks and predicting crops. The features help farmers during each stage of the crop cycle: field works, seed planting, fertilization, irrigation, and cropping. While other apps for farming have many features as add-ons, AgWorld comes with the following functionalities: field monitoring, online journals to make notes, scouting, soil moisture indicators, acidity indicators, and machinery handling. Farmers no longer need to travel to the field to take soil samples or detect pests. The platform allows them to send drones to a particular spot, take a picture, and process it within the app.

8.   Agrellus

This platform explicitly targets companies that are concerned about marketing activities. Matters that Agrellus covers include helping buyers find sellers and searching for chemicals, fertilizers, fuel additives, and seeds. Moreover, the platform works perfectly for farmers on a shoe-string budget as they can request a quote, compare prices from different dealers, and choose the items that meet their needs. Another benefit of using this application is that it has a payment gateway and delivery feature. Agrellus is an excellent tool for farmers who are striving to find everything in one place.

9.   RRXtend Spray App

Two major products are managed in this application: soybeans and cotton. For farmers who grow these two crops exclusively, what can be better than having an app specialized in their abundant yields? The company continually develops the functionalities of this platform, offers different types of loyalty programs and subscriptions, and conducts training and stewardships.  Many farmers claim that the application has a user-friendly interface and excellent functionality with all necessary features. The platform is also handy for novice farmers since it has a detailed and informative blog to find information about basic farming and how to start.

10. xarvio Scouting App

The xarvio Scouting app is another useful application designed mainly to detect pest invasion on the field. Farmers take a picture with their smartphone or using a drone, upload it to the application, and the system defines weaknesses. The app detects threats include weed intensity, leaf damage, nitrogen status, and other plant-related issues.

11. Kugler Timing App

Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the Kugler Timing application allows a farmer to choose the crop to manage, indicate the stage of its growth, and the field size. The platform generates all the work required for that crop, amount of fertilizers, irrigation, and other activities depending on the field size and crop stage of development. The application also sends a notification once the field requires any sort of work. Moreover, based on the data stored in the app from previous harvests, the system analyses and offers best-suitable dates for seeding and crop switching.

Wrapping Up

Technologies in the agricultural world provide farmers and large farming corporations with many great features. With a high number of applications available on the market, farmers can analyze soil moisture and acidity, detect pests and plant diseases, estimate the number of fertilizers, and even predict the best dates for seeding. Farmers no longer need to go to the field to see crop health. Moreover, they can find labor nearby. Creating an application for the agricultural industry has become a popular service in IT companies. They can build a robust, competitive, and customized platform to meet your unique needs and meet business goals.

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