Swiggy delivery persons resume work after strike

The food delivery executives of Swiggy, an online food platform, have started logging in and resumed work after going on a strike against the reduction in their remuneration, said a delivery person.

“The company has promised the issues raised by us will be redressed. From Monday onwards there will not be any issue,” a senior delivery executive told IANS.

He said the strike is not only in Chennai but also in other cities like Hyderabad and Kolkata.

The Swiggy food delivery persons were upset by the reduction in incentives and their remuneration.

According to him, the food app company reduced its delivery charges to nearly Rs 20 for delivery within a four-km radius.

“On the whole we may earn nearly between Rs 400 and Rs 500 per day and after the fuel charges, the net earning will be only nearly Rs 350 which is not sufficient to run a family,” he said.

The food delivery executives are also upset at Swiggy giving incentives based on the service rating given by a customer.

“Even if two customers give a one-star rating then the executive will not get any incentive. There are customers who give bad ratings regardless of the kind of service we render,” he added.

The delivery persons falling under the unorganised labour sector want the state government to intervene to sort out their problem.

The strike by Swiggy delivery persons was relatively successful this time around as many did not log in when the company offered an incentive of Rs 1,000.