Softphone: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It in Your Business?

Do you want to keep your workers connected to the business phone system as they work remotely? If so, you need to install a softphone software.

No doubt, technology is transforming the business environment. Business owners are now able to manage and run their businesses virtual. You do not need to go to your organizational premise to make, track, and monitor sales. Also, your employees can now work remotely. Particularly, in this Covid-19 pandemic period, the virtualization of your business is not optional.

While it is a nice move, it comes with some shortcomings. One of these cons is disconnecting your staff from the business phone system. As you know, communication is central to any business. So, disconnection can have some negative impacts. But do you know you can keep your employees connected to this system virtually? How now? Keep reading to learn more.

Introducing softphone

A softphone is a software-based phone app that brings a desk phone’s features to your PC or mobile devices. In other words, they mimic traditional desk phones but comes with additional functionality. This software allows your employees to handle calls as they would with regular desk phones. They can mute, cancel, hold, or transfer calls with a simple click on their PC or mobile devices.

Also, softphones enable your employees to make video calls, text or chat and manage visual voicemails. The software connects with your business VOIP. So, it takes your business phone system on the cloud. You and your employees can access it through their PC and smartphone while working remotely. Does this software offer any benefits to businesses?

Benefits of a softphone software app to businesses

As noted, having this software in your business comes with several benefits. Here are some of them:

Enhanced flexibility in your business

Flexibility is critical in any business. Particularly in this era of digitization and Covid-19, your employees prefer to work remotely. Working away from the office disconnects the teams from the business phone. This aspect makes it hard for them to collaborate and conduct business.

Softphones come in to close this gap. The software makes it possible for your employees to access the business phone system. Through their computers or mobile devices and an internet connection, your teams can operate the office phone as they would in the business premise.

So, whether they are working from home, on holiday, or spending time on the beach, your business will not stop. The employees are able to receive, forward, and hold business calls from various departments and clients. Hence, this software app is a good way to enhance flexibility in your organization.

It is a smart way to boost organizational productivity

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to enhance your business productivity. You want the employees to remain productive. However, this can be hard, particularly when the employees have to work remotely. As each employee work from home or remote office, it becomes a challenge for them to engage with their colleagues.

For many businesses, employees do not have the right to use their smartphones. But with softphone apps, your business can enjoy high productivity. This software allows your workers to access the business phone through their smartphones or laptops. They stay connected to their colleague regardless of their geographic location.

So, your staff continues contributing to your business even when absent physically. This way, your organization enjoys a boost in productivity.   

Cost efficiency and effectiveness

No doubt, every business owner seeks to save on cost. You desire to operate your business at a minimum cost. With little cost, you can be sure of a high profit margin. Softphones contribute to your cost-saving objectives.

Since you install them on your computer, you and your staff do not require the desk phone. Your employees will use their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones in place of the traditional office desk hone.  This aspect lowers the amount you spend on hardware.

Also, softphones use your internet bandwidth. You do not need a dedicated line for your business communications. So, it reduces your telephone costs. As well, softphone support video conferencing and calling. This aspect means that you will not incur costs for installing video conferencing systems.  Hence, it is a good option for improving cost efficiency in your business.

Enhance access to your customer data

Certainly, customer data is the heartbeat of any successful business. The data enables you to have intelligent communication with customers. With such communication, it will be easy for you to generate leads that convert to sales. Also, you’ll have purpose-driven conversations with customers as you know what their problems and challenges.

Softphone comes in handy to enhance your communication with customers. The software has functionalities such as call history and call recording. This way, it helps you to retrieve customer data at any time and make your conversations seamless and customer-centered.

 Unify your business communications

Communication is the backbone of any business. Without seamless communication in your business, success will remain a mirage. As staff work remotely, it becomes a challenge to communicate with them at a go. The softphones solve this problem by creating a unified communication.

Your staff cannot only call each other but can also connect with clients and even schedule crucial video conferences. Also, it enables them to send instant messages and voicemails via email. So, your organizational family will never miss important business calls despite their location.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a softphone is a transforming software in your business. The software comes with immense benefits to your business.

With it, you’ll enhance flexibility as employees stay connected despite their geographic location. This aspect boosts and strengthens collaboration. When employees collaborate, your business enjoys high productivity and productivity.

As well, installing softphones enables you to do business on the move. You do not need to be in the office to connect with your clients. Instead, you can discuss and make business deals when on trips, beaches, coffee shops, and even in bed.

This software solves many inconveniences that come with working remotely. Also, it lowers your business costs, promotes efficiency, and unify communication. So, if you want to transform your business, do not hesitate.  Installing a softphone and encouraging your staff to use it is the way to go.