Social Media Strategies On Twitter To Promote Business

As 2020 has almost reached its end, online tools to promote business are keeping up the potential. And Twitter, which has experienced a minor decrease in popularity, is gaining the points again. Thus, many business owners are wondering how to make this authentic platform another source of sales and recognition. Well, this is not the easiest task, considering the uprising competition, but with the right strategy in your pocket, you will be able to earn the best place for your business. In this article, we will share some useful tactics that will get you cheap Twitter likes, retweets, and followers, but remember that for better results you should choose the best combination of them. Here we go!

Branded Profile

Having a look that is easy to remember and recognize is vital. Also, a neatly stylized account appears more professional to users. First of all, maximize the usage of corporate colors and logo both in your posts and your profile page on Twitter. Cover image, for example, is perfect for placing not only the logo of your company but useful contacts and links. 

Pay attention to the nickname that you choose. If the exact word is not available, come up with something surprising yet close to the name of your brand and industry that you occupy. 

Special notice: for the profile picture you should prefer a personal photo rather than a logo or company initials. Personalization is one of the key things in Twitter promo campaigns, and we shall get back to it further in the text. 

And donít forget to verify your account. The verification is what gives you a blue checkmark right near your nickname. This is optional, but this small symbol helps you to look professional too. 

Use Twitter Advertising Tools

Like many other social platforms, Twitter has an Ads system, which is rather helpful for businesses. So it would be a wise idea to use them in your favor. Here is a list of the options that Twitter offers:

  • Twitter Ads. This package is a perfect choice for companies that post various types of tweets within a single campaign.
  • Promoted Tweets. This opinion provides an opportunity to push a post that is significant for your current strategy. 

Both these options are perfectly customizable and easy to set according to the goals that you set. However, to get the best result, you need to have a good understanding of who is your target audience and what they respond to the most actively. 

Streaming Traffic To Your Website 

Twitter is a very effective platform when it comes to increasing web traffic. The main methods to reach that goal are:

  • Add the site link to your bio
  • Include the links to your site into your tweets from time to time
  • Encourage your readers to share posts where the link to your web page is mentioned. Also retweet these
  • Use the promoted tweets option for the tweets that gained appreciation from your followers. 

Twitter Lists At Your Service

Lists are an interesting feature that is available for every user. For businesses, Lists are important for a few reasons. First of all, you can create and share Lists with user profiles that are related to your industry. Also, you can group profiles that are interesting to you professionally. Anyway, creating lists is one of the things that form your public image, so you should put some effort into this action. Another useful function of lists is that when you click one of your lists you will see only tweets posted by the members of it. 

Make It Personal

Even if your account was made for business purposes, it doesnít mean that it has to be a robotic company news monitor. The specific of the Twitter crowd is that they appreciate a sincere and humanly approach to the communication within the platform. That is why in the text above the importance of profile pic was mentioned. So, the main thesis is that the corporate account still has to be at least a bit personal. If you are a company founder, it should not be too hard for you. You can share your insights and ideas for the development of your brand, discuss industry trends with your readers and talk to them, not at them. Being the ambassador of your brand on Twitter is something worth all the effort, as it gives you a loyal community that spreads your tweets around the network. 

More Engagement To The Rescue

And coming straight from the previous point, is its majesty engagement. Like on any other platform, Twitter needs an active and responsive audience to be a successful promotion instrument. In other words, you have to encourage your followers to retweet and reply to your posts, thus providing the promotion that you need. Here are a few tips to increase the level of engagement of your audience:

  • Host Twitter chats. This is a way to make direct connections with your potential customers.
  • Reply to as many tweets as possible. Just be visible and interesting to your followers
  • Enter the conversations that are held on the accounts of the influencers and fellow businesses in your niche
  • Come up with contests and lotteries to entertain your readers and increase their loyalty
  • Provide good support to your customers and help them in all situations. Be open to stress and criticism, but remain calm and professional.

Content Is King

Amen to that! The prominent rule is: donít promote your brand too much. To make your account interesting to potential customers, you will have to maintain a diverse range of topics that are relevant to your industry. And also you should demonstrate your opinion towards different affairs of the world. You should show to your followers that you have values, and participate in ecological and social initiatives. In other words, your profile has to be appealing even if you speak about something else than your business. Start discussions, offer ideas, and listen to what your readers say. Be involved in what concerns your readers. Respond and help them if you really can. 

And always lean for the top quality of your tweets. Add visual content, leave useful links and check what you post twice. Be respectful and friendly to your followers. 

Twitter Moments

This is a relatively new feature of this social platform. But it is quite a help to a business, to form an image of you. Basically, Moments is a collection of posts that are united by a certain topic or the event that you participate in or host. Usually, you have the posts that are categorized as news or the best of the day, but you can customize that as you want. This option comes to help if you need to group the tweets and promote them gradually. Also, Moments can highlight some interesting facts and events that you are organizing.

A Final Word Running a business in a modern world is tough. But social media can make that process both productive and educational to you as a business owner. By using the strategies that are described in this text, you will be able to hear your audience and adjust your services according to what they want. Also, you will be able to push your marketing campaign for the price much cheaper than traditional advertising. Good luck and have inspiration!