Six Ways a Hosted Call Center Can Improve Your Business

Hosted Call Center

More meetings and customer service interactions take place via phone than ever before. If you’re in the customer service business in any form, having a user-friendly, versatile call center solution is critical to your business success. For this reason, many companies are using hosted call centers rather than trying to keep their customer service lines in-house. A hosted call center has several advantages that make life easier for your employees and customers while improving your bottom line.

1.    24/7 Support

With small to medium businesses, it’s not always practical or affordable to have 24/7 tech support available if your phone system goes down. There’s technical support available around the clock with a hosted call center, ensuring your protection and quick response any time there’s a problem. Not having to hire in-house tech support for your call center saves you money while giving you exceptional support.

2.    Lower Overhead

Growing businesses have countless expenses to consider. A hosted call center gives you unlimited scalability as you grow without having to invest in expensive equipment and installation. Because its hosted, the cost of upkeep, installation, upgrading, and troubleshooting doesn’t need to be part of your budget. You also don’t have to pay for expensive real estate to house your call center since everything is off-site but always available.

3.    Enhanced Security

A hosted call center employs state-of-the-art security protocols and has exceptional experience maintaining technology, implementing best practices. Service-level agreements (SLAs) give you peace of mind that your customers are protected against security breaches.

4.    Tracking Date Improves Performance

Customer service reps have demanding jobs. They often have to interact with customers who may already be upset, so responding appropriately and quickly resolving problems is critical. Hosted call centers provide businesses with tracking tools and data analytics that help managers properly train their call center staff and improve their responses.

5.    Remote Access

Hosted call centers provide remote access across multiple channels, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Businesses with mobile call center capabilities kick customer service up a notch while enabling greater flexibility for employees. A perfect example is how Cloud 9 experiences improved customer service through their remote call center partnership with Votacall.

6.    Information Accessibility

Customers and service reps both appreciate quick and seamless access to customer records. Hosted call centers offer many ways to integrate your phone system with your support software or CRM. Imagine a system that automatically links an incoming calls phone number to the appropriate customers information and purchase records no more endless holds while tracking down customer records. Everything is at your reps fingertips.

With remote call center service, your business can thrive with fewer headaches for you and your reps.