Serviced Apartments: The Hot New Trend in Office Space

Modern office apartment

As the global pandemic continues to make an impact on how people work, with many employees embracing remote working options, many businesses have been forced to consider downsizing their office space. Downsizing is an excellent way for businesses to cut costs and, with more and more staff transitioning to remote work, now is the perfect time to start planning for a more digitally focused workplace environment.

While choosing a new office space can be difficult, the good news is that business owners have a number of choices available to them that may not have been 10 years ago. One of the best new trends in office space is the use of serviced apartments as a base for small businesses.

What Are Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are fully-furnished apartments that are rented out on either a short or long-term basis. These rentals include a range of services in a single payment including hotel-like services such as housekeeping and concierge services, laundry services, parking, high-speed internet, and more.

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Rentals located in areas that are frequented by business people also often give renters access to meeting spaces that can be booked for use.

While these types of rentals are most commonly used for relatively short-term stays, small business owners looking for a place where they can live and work are providing a decent alternative to renting a separate office space.

What Makes these Rentals So Attractive to Small Businesses?

Because serviced apartments typically cater to business people looking for an alternative to hotels while they are doing business out of town, these short- or long-term rentals can also make for good office spaces for struggling businesses and startups as they are fully furnished, the cost of utilities such as water and electricity are included as a flat fee in the rental price, and they are equipped with all the services that a business could need to run effectively.

For businesses in the Manchester area, serviced apartments can offer business owners access to spacious and cost-effective apartment spaces that are fully furnished with all modern amenities. They also offer concierge and housekeeping services, car parking, access to high-speed internet, and more. For more information about luxury apartments, be sure to visit

Why Choose A Serviced Apartment Over Other Rental Options

Aside from serviced apartments offering business owners a convenient and fully furnished space to run their business in, the rentals on these apartments are highly flexible, which means that businesses will not be locked into lengthy contracts should they need to free up funds, upsize or downscale their space, or move to a more suitable location. So, while serviced apartments may not be the ideal fit for all businesses, for small business owners with only a few employees, or even larger businesses who have mostly remote staff, serviced apartments offer a great alternative to a regular office.

As more and more businesses make the transition into the digital space, and office sizes continue to shrink, the needs of business owners will change and many will be forced to be more flexible. Rental options like serviced apartments fit perfectly into this new ecosystem because they allow business owners access to vital amenities without the need for them to purchase their own equipment and they also give business owners the flexibility to upscale or downsize their work area as needed.