Petrol and diesel prices again go a momentary pause

Auto fuel prices have again gone a momentary pause with oil marketing companies keeping the pump prices of petrol and diesel unchanged on Thursday.

In the National Capital petrol is still priced at at Rs 80.43 a litre while diesel prices remain a tad higher at Rs 80.78 a litre.

After keeping priced unchanged for previous seven days the oil companies had increased the price of diesel by 25 paisa. A litre in Delhi on Wednesday while keeping petrol prices unchanged.

Delhi is the only metro city where Diesel is priced higher than petrol and this has been maintained since June 24, when for the time ever the transportation fuel climbed up over petrol.

Officials in oil marketing companies said that diesel prices are seeing more volatility in international market so the price changes in the fuel segment has been higher. But with global oil prices also rising again and set to touch $43 a barrel, expectation is that fuel prices may again see an uptick in coming days.

Before Wednesday, Fuel prices remained unchanged for the seven consecutive day till Tuesday when oil companies raised the price of diesel.

Prices of the transportation fuel have had a pause after rising to record levels 23 of the past 33 days after the oil marketing companies (OMC) resumed the daily price revision system from June 7 that kept the petrol and diesel prices to rise incessantly till June 29.

During the daily hike till June 29, diesel prices in Delhi recorded a new feat by overtaking petrol prices, making the common man feel the heat.