Mopeds log impressive volumes in Indian two-wheeler market

Even as high-powered motor bikes and scooters are vrooming on the Indian roads, the simple moped still clocks interesting sales numbers in the Indian market.

Interestingly there is only one player viz TVS Motor Company Ltd with its TVS XL model.

As per the flash report of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) for the month of October 2020, a total of 81,720 units (domestic sales 80,268, exports 1,452 units) were sold up from 61,064 units (domestic 60,174 units, exports 890 units) sold during Oct 2019.

According to SIAM, a total of 335,371 mopeds (domestic 331,434 mopeds, exports 3,937 units) were sold during April-October 2020 down from 400,690 units (domestic 392,458 units, exports 8,232 units) sold during previous year corresponding period.

Mopeds are two wheelers with engine capacity more than 75cc to 100 cc.